AI-Aided Ceramic Sculptures: Bridging Deep Learning with MaterialityVarvara Guljajeva ⁄ Mar Canet SolaCeramics ⁄ AI Sculpture ⁄ 3D AI ⁄ 3D Printing ⁄ Interdisciplinary ⁄ Physical AI ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ AI Art ⁄ Creative AI ⁄ Hybrid Process ⁄ Practice-Based Research ⁄ Artistic Research2023
AI-rmonies of the SpheresAdrián García Riber ⁄ Francisco SerradillaDeep Learning ⁄ LSTM ⁄ Sonification ⁄ Music ⁄ Astronomy2023
Application of Neural Architecture Search to Instrument Recognition in Polyphonic AudioLeonard Fricke ⁄ Igor Vatolkin ⁄ Fabian OstermannNeural Architecture Search ⁄ Instrument Recognition ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Hyperband Search ⁄ Bayesian Optimization2023
Artistic Curve Steganography Carried by Musical AudioChristopher J. TralieSteganography ⁄ Traveling Salesperson Art ⁄ Hamiltonian Cycles ⁄ Audio Processing ⁄ Hidden Signals2023
Automatically Adding to Artistic CulturesSimon Colton ⁄ Berker BanarGenerative AI ⁄ Neuro-Symbolic AI ⁄ Artistic Cultures2023
Chordal Embeddings Based on Topology of the Tonal SpaceAnton Ayzenberg ⁄ Maxim Beketov ⁄ Aleksandra Burashnikova ⁄ German Magai ⁄ Anton Polevoi ⁄ Ivan Shanin ⁄ Konstantin SorokinTonnetz ⁄ Chordal Embedding ⁄ Lattice Models ⁄ Topology In Music2023
EvoDesigner: Aiding the Exploration of Innovative Graphic Design SolutionsDaniel Lopes ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Penousal MachadoGraphic Design ⁄ Evolutionary ⁄ Automatic ⁄ Innovation ⁄ Novelty ⁄ Poster ⁄ Layout2023
Extending Generative Neo-Riemannian Theory for Event-Based Soundtrack ProductionSimon Colton ⁄ Sara CardinaleGenerative Music ⁄ Neo-Riemannian Theory ⁄ Soundtracks2023
Extending the Visual Arts Experience: Sonifying Paintings with AIThomas Fink ⁄ Alkim Almila Akdag SalahArtwork Sonification ⁄ Generative Music Models ⁄ High Level Visual Feature Sonification ⁄ Low Level Visual Feature Sonification2023
Fabric Sketch Augmentation \& Styling via Deep Learning \& Image SynthesisOmema Ahmed ⁄ Muhammad Salman Abid ⁄ Aiman Junaid ⁄ Syeda Saleha RazaDeep Learning ⁄ GAN ⁄ Image Synthesis ⁄ Quilting ⁄ Textile Pattern ⁄ Fabric Pattern ⁄ Object Detection2023
GTR-CTRL: Instrument and Genre Conditioning for Guitar-Focused Music Generation with TransformersPedro Sarmento ⁄ Adarsh Kumar ⁄ Yu-Hua Chen ⁄ CJ Carr ⁄ Zack Zukowski ⁄ Mathieu BarthetControllable Music Generation ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ Conditioning ⁄ Transformers ⁄ Interactive Music AI ⁄ Guitar Tablatures2023
Improving Automatic Music Genre Classification Systems by Using Descriptive Statistical Features of Audio SignalsRavindu Perera ⁄ Manjusri Wickramasinghe ⁄ Lakshman JayaratneMusic Information Retrieval ⁄ Music Genre Identification ⁄ Music Genre Classification ⁄ Descriptive Statistical Features ⁄ Digital Signal Processing2023
Is Beauty in the Age of the Beholder?Edward Easton ⁄ Ulysses Bernardet ⁄ Aniko EkártAesthetic Judgement ⁄ 3D Art Generation ⁄ Gamification ⁄ Virtual Reality2023
Is Writing Prompts Really Making Art?Jon McCormack ⁄ Camilo Cruz Gambardella ⁄ Nina Rajcic ⁄ Stephen James Krol ⁄ Maria Teresa Llano ⁄ Meng YangArtificial Intelligence ⁄ Diffusion Models ⁄ Art ⁄ Neural Networks2023
LooperGP: A Loopable Sequence Model for Live Coding Performance Using GuitarPro TablatureSara Adkins ⁄ Pedro Sarmento ⁄ Mathieu BarthetControllable Music Generation ⁄ Sequence Models ⁄ Live Coding ⁄ Transformers ⁄ AI Music ⁄ Loops ⁄ Guitar Tabs2023
LyricJam Sonic: A Generative System for Real-Time Composition and Musical ImprovisationOlga Vechtomova ⁄ Gaurav SahuGenerative Music ⁄ Lyrics Generation ⁄ Neural Network ⁄ Variational Autoencoder ⁄ Generative Adversarial Network2023
Music Generation with Multiple Ant Colonies Interacting on Multilayer GraphsLluc Bono Rosselló ⁄ Hugues BersiniAnt Colony Optimization ⁄ Music Generation ⁄ Multilayer Graphs ⁄ Collective Creativity2023
Musical Genre Recognition Based on Deep Descriptors of Harmony, Instrumentation, and SegmentsIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Mark Gotham ⁄ Néstor Nápoles López ⁄ Fabian OstermannMusical Genre Recognition ⁄ Deep Neural Networks ⁄ Transfer Learning ⁄ Interpretable Features ⁄ Evolutionary Feature Selection2023
OSC-Qasm: Interfacing Music Software with Quantum ComputingOmar Costa Hamido ⁄ Paulo Vitor ItaboraíQuantum Computing ⁄ Music ⁄ QAC ⁄ Networking ⁄ Creative Programming2023
Searching for Human Bias Against AI-Composed MusicDimiter Zlatkov ⁄ Jeff Ens ⁄ Philippe PasquierMusical Metacreativity ⁄ Computational Creativity ⁄ Human-Computer Interaction ⁄ Bias2023
SketchSynth: Cross-Modal Control of Sound SynthesisSebastian Löbbers ⁄ Louise Thorpe ⁄ György FazekasSound Synthesis Control ⁄ Sound Sketching ⁄ Cross-Modal Mapping ⁄ Musical Timbre Perception ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ Sketch Recognition ⁄ Human-Computer Interaction2023
SUNMASK: Mask Enhanced Control in Step Unrolled Denoising AutoencodersKyle Kastner ⁄ Tim Cooijmans ⁄ Yusong Wu ⁄ Aaron CourvilleArtificial Neural Networks ⁄ Non-Autoregressive Sequence Modeling ⁄ Generative Modeling2023
Towards the Evolution of Prompts with MetaPrompterTiago Martins ⁄ João M. Cunha ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Penousal MachadoImage Generation ⁄ Text-To-Image ⁄ Stable Diffusion ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation2023
Transposition of Simple Waveforms from Raw Audio with Deep LearningPatrick J. Donnelly ⁄ Parker CarlsonDeep Learning ⁄ FFT ⁄ Music ⁄ Timbre ⁄ Transposition2023
Using Autoencoders to Generate Skeleton-Based Typography ⁜Jéssica Parente ⁄ Luís Gonçalo ⁄ Tiago Martins ⁄ João Miguel Cunha ⁄ João Bicker ⁄ Penousal MachadoType Design ⁄ Variational Autoencoder ⁄ Skeleton-Basis Typography2023
Using GPT-3 to Achieve Semantically Relevant Data Sonificiation for an Art InstallationRodolfo Ocampo ⁄ Josh Andres ⁄ Adrian Schmidt ⁄ Caroline Pegram ⁄ Justin Shave ⁄ Charlton Hill ⁄ Brendan Wright ⁄ Oliver BownData Sonification ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Generative Music ⁄ Generative AI ⁄ Large Language Models ⁄ Word Emdeddings2023
Visual Representation of the Internet Consumption in the European UnionTelma Rodrigues ⁄ Catarina Maçãs ⁄ Ana RodriguesData Aesthetics ⁄ Swarming System ⁄ Environment ⁄ Internet Usage ⁄ Awareness2023
A Creative Tool for the Musician Combining LSTM and Markov Chains in Max/MSPNicola Privato ⁄ Omar Rampado ⁄ Alberto NovelloLSTM Neural Network ⁄ Markov Chain ⁄ MIDI Composer ⁄ Max/Msp Neural Network2022
A Study on Noise, Complexity, and Audio AestheticsStefano KalonarisComputational Aesthetics ⁄ Complexity ⁄ Japanoise2022
A Systematic Evaluation of GPT-2-Based Music GenerationBerker Banar ⁄ Simon ColtonGenerative Music ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ Transformers ⁄ Music Generation Evaluation ⁄ Transfer Learning2022
Aesthetic Evaluation of Experimental Stimuli Using Spatial Complexity and Kolmogorov ComplexityMohammad Ali Javaheri JavidComputational Aesthetics ⁄ 2D Pattern ⁄ Information Theory ⁄ Spatial Complexity ⁄ Kolmogorov Complexity2022
An Application of Neural Embedding Models for Representing Artistic PeriodsRao Hamza Ali ⁄ Katie Rhodeghiero ⁄ Alexa Zuch ⁄ Saniya Syed ⁄ Erik LinsteadArt Periods ⁄ Neural Embeddings ⁄ Word Embeddings ⁄ T-Sne2022
Classification of Guitar Effects and Extraction of Their Parameter Settings from Instrument Mixes Using Convolutional Neural NetworksReemt Hinrichs ⁄ Kevin Gerkens ⁄ Jörn OstermannConvolutional Neural Networks ⁄ Guitar Effects ⁄ Parameter Extraction ⁄ Music Information Retrieval2022
Classifying Biometric Data for Musical Interaction Within Virtual RealityChris Rhodes ⁄ Richard Allmendinger ⁄ Ricardo ClimentEMG ⁄ Interactive Music ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Music Composition ⁄ Myo ⁄ Biometrics ⁄ Wekinator ⁄ VR ⁄ Virtual Reality2022
Co-creative Product Design with Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms: A Practice-Based ReflectionSeveri Uusitalo ⁄ Anna Kantosalo ⁄ Antti Salovaara ⁄ Tapio Takala ⁄ Christian GuckelsbergerCo-Creativity ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Introspection ⁄ Autoethnography ⁄ Longitudinal Study ⁄ Design2022
Conditional Drums Generation Using Compound Word RepresentationsDimos Makris ⁄ Guo Zixun ⁄ Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas ⁄ Dorien HerremansDrums Generation ⁄ Transformer ⁄ Compound Word2022
Emotion-Driven Interactive Storytelling: Let Me Tell You How to FeelOneris Daniel Rico Garcia ⁄ Javier Fernandez Fernandez ⁄ Rafael Andres Becerra Saldana ⁄ Olaf WitkowskiComputational Creativity ⁄ Interactive Storytelling ⁄ Emotion Recognition ⁄ Affective Computing ⁄ Artificial Intelligence2022
EvoDesigner: Towards Aiding Creativity in Graphic DesignDaniel Lopes ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Penousal MachadoAutomatic ⁄ Evolutionary ⁄ Graphic Design ⁄ Layout ⁄ Poster2022
Evolutionary Construction of Stories that Combine Several Plot LinesPablo Gervás ⁄ Eugenio Concepción ⁄ Gonzalo MéndezStory Generation ⁄ Multiplot Stories ⁄ Evolutionary Approach2022
Expressive Aliens - Laban Effort Factors for Non-anthropomorphic MorphologiesDaniel BisigDance and Technology ⁄ Physics Simulation ⁄ Reinforcement Learning ⁄ Laban Effort Factors2022
Fashion Style Generation: Evolutionary Search with Gaussian Mixture Models in the Latent SpaceImke Grabe ⁄ Jichen Zhu ⁄ Manex AgirrezabalIntelligent Fashion ⁄ Generative Adversarial Networks ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Gaussian Mixture Model2022
Generating Novel Furniture with Machine LearningNelson Vermeer ⁄ Andrew R. BrownDesign Language ⁄ Graph Network ⁄ Deep Neural Nets ⁄ Generative Design2022
Lamuse: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Sparking InspirationBart Lamiroy ⁄ Emmanuelle Potier2022
Modern Evolution Strategies for Creativity: Fitting Concrete Images and Abstract ConceptsYingtao Tian ⁄ David Ha2022
MusIAC: An Extensible Generative Framework for Music Infilling Applications with Multi-level ControlRui Guo ⁄ Ivor Simpson ⁄ Chris Kiefer ⁄ Thor Magnusson ⁄ Dorien HerremansMusic Generation ⁄ Music Transformer ⁄ Music Control ⁄ Controllable Generation ⁄ Music Representation ⁄ Infilling2022
Music Style Transfer Using Constant-Q Transform SpectrogramsTyler McAllister ⁄ Björn Gambäck2022
Painting with Evolutionary AlgorithmsDanny Dijkzeul ⁄ Nielis Brouwer ⁄ Iris Pijning ⁄ Levi Koppenhol ⁄ Daan BergEvolutionary Algorithms ⁄ Plant Propagation Algorithm ⁄ Computational Creativity ⁄ Hillclimbing ⁄ Simulated Annealing ⁄ Brush Strokes2022
Quality-Diversity for Aesthetic EvolutionJon McCormack ⁄ Camilo Cruz GambardellaQuality Diversity ⁄ Aesthetic Measure ⁄ Generative Art ⁄ Generative Design ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Fitness Measure2022
SonOpt: Sonifying Bi-objective Population-Based Optimization Algorithms ⁜Tasos Asonitis ⁄ Richard Allmendinger ⁄ Matt Benatan ⁄ Ricardo ClimentSonification ⁄ Optimization ⁄ Algorithmic Behaviour ⁄ Metaheuristics ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Process Monitoring ⁄ Sonopt2022
Sound Model Factory: An Integrated System Architecture for Generative Audio ModellingLonce Wyse ⁄ Purnima Kamath ⁄ Chitralekha GuptaGenerative Sound Modeling ⁄ Parameter Mapping ⁄ Audio Textures ⁄ Neural Networks2022
SpeechTyper: From Speech to Typographic CompositionJéssica Parente ⁄ Tiago Martins ⁄ João Bicker ⁄ Penousal MachadoType Design ⁄ Typography ⁄ Speech ⁄ Speech-Driven ⁄ Sound2022
Towards the Generation of Musical Explanations with GPT-3Stephen James Krol ⁄ Maria Teresa Llano ⁄ Jon McCormackExplainability ⁄ GPT3 ⁄ Music2022
Translating Emotions from EEG to Visual ArtsPiera Riccio ⁄ Francesco Galati ⁄ Maria A. Zuluaga ⁄ Juan Carlos De Martin ⁄ Stefano NicheleArt Generation ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ Computational Creativity ⁄ Affective Computing ⁄ Brain-Computer Interface2022
"A Good Algorithm Does Not Steal - It Imitates": The Originality Report as a Means of Measuring When a Music Generation Algorithm Copies Too MuchZongyu Yin ⁄ Federico Reuben ⁄ Susan Stepney ⁄ Tom CollinsMusic Generation ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Originality Evaluation2021
"What Is Human?'' A Turing Test for Artistic CreativityAntonio Daniele ⁄ Caroline Di Bernardi Luft ⁄ Nick Bryan-KinnsDrawing ⁄ Embodiment ⁄ Turing Test ⁄ Bias ⁄ Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Computational Creativity ⁄ Interactive Art ⁄ Computational Art2021
A Fusion of Deep and Shallow Learning to Predict Genres Based on Instrument and Timbre FeaturesIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Benedikt Adrian ⁄ Jurij KuzmicInstrument Recognition ⁄ Genre Recognition ⁄ Supervised Music Classification ⁄ Deep and Shallow Learning2021
A Multi-objective Evolutionary Approach to Identify Relevant Audio Features for Music SegmentationIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Marcel Koch ⁄ Meinard MüllerMusic Segmentation ⁄ Evolutionary Multi-Objective Feature Selection2021
A Swarm Grammar-Based Approach to Virtual World GenerationYasin Raies ⁄ Sebastian MammenProcedural Content Generation ⁄ Multi-Agent Systems ⁄ Terrain Generation ⁄ Swarm Intelligence ⁄ Swarm Art2021
Aesthetic Evaluation of Cellular Automata Configurations Using Spatial Complexity and Kolmogorov ComplexityMohammad Ali Javaheri JavidComputational Aesthetics ⁄ Cellular Automata ⁄ Information Theory ⁄ Spatial Complexity ⁄ Kolmogorov Complexity2021
An Application for Evolutionary Music Composition Using AutoencodersRobert Neil McArthur ⁄ Charles Patrick MartinAlgorithmic Music Composition ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Autoencoder Neural Networks2021
Auralization of Three-Dimensional Cellular AutomataYuta Kariyado ⁄ Camilo Arevalo ⁄ Julián VillegasCellular Automata ⁄ Game of Life ⁄ Auralization2021
Axial Generation: A Concretism-Inspired Method for Synthesizing Highly Varied ArtworksEdward Easton ⁄ Aniko Ekárt ⁄ Ulysses BernardetEvolutionary Computation ⁄ 2D and 3D Art Generation ⁄ Concretism2021
Chord Embeddings: Analyzing What They Capture and Their Role for Next Chord Prediction and Artist Attribute PredictionAllison Lahnala ⁄ Gauri Kambhatla ⁄ Jiajun Peng ⁄ Matthew Whitehead ⁄ Gillian Minnehan ⁄ Eric Guldan ⁄ Jonathan K. Kummerfeld ⁄ Anıl Çamcı ⁄ Rada MihalceaChord Embeddings ⁄ Representation Learning ⁄ Musical Artificial Intelligence2021
Co-creative Drawing with One-Shot Generative ModelsSabine Wieluch ⁄ Friedhelm SchwenkerTransformer ⁄ Co-Creative ⁄ One-Shot2021
Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network, via Transfer Learning, for Traditional Scottish Music GenerationFrancesco Marchetti ⁄ Callum Wilson ⁄ Cheyenne Powell ⁄ Edmondo Minisci ⁄ Annalisa RiccardiGenerative Adversarial Network ⁄ Transfer Learning ⁄ Convolutional Neural Network ⁄ Scottish Music2021
Creating a Digital Mirror of Creative PracticeColin JohnsonMusic Composition ⁄ Computational Creativity ⁄ Optimisation ⁄ Creative Practice ⁄ Computer Composition ⁄ Reflective Practice ⁄ Autoethnography ⁄ Research by Design2021
Dissecting Neural Networks Filter Responses for Artistic Style TransferFlorian Uhde ⁄ Sanaz MostaghimArtistic Style Transfer ⁄ Filter Response ⁄ Neural Network2021
Evolving Image Enhancement PipelinesJoão Correia ⁄ Leonardo Vieira ⁄ Nereida Rodriguez-Fernandez ⁄ Juan Romero ⁄ Penousal MachadoImage Enhancement ⁄ Image Processing ⁄ Computer Vision ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Genetic Programming2021
Evolving Neural Style Transfer BlendsSimon ColtonNeural Style Transfer ⁄ Map-Elites ⁄ Casual Creators2021
Exploring the Effect of Sampling Strategy on Movement Generation with Generative Neural NetworksBenedikte Wallace ⁄ Charles P. Martin ⁄ Jim Tørresen ⁄ Kristian NymoenMixture Density Networks ⁄ Movement Generation ⁄ Generative Networks ⁄ Creative Prediction2021
From Music to Image a Computational Creativity ApproachLuís Aleixo ⁄ H. Sofia Pinto ⁄ Nuno CorreiaComputational Creativity ⁄ Music Analysis ⁄ Image Generation ⁄ Cross-Domain Associations ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2021
Genre Recognition from Symbolic Music with CNNsEdmund Dervakos ⁄ Natalia Kotsani ⁄ Giorgos StamouArtificial Intelligence ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Genre Classification2021
Identification of Pure Painting Pigment Using Machine Learning Algorithms ⁜Ailin Chen ⁄ Rui Jesus ⁄ Márcia VilariguesMachine Learning ⁄ Neural Network ⁄ Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Pigment Unmixing ⁄ Pigment Identification ⁄ Painting Reconstruction ⁄ Hyperspectral Imaging ⁄ Visualization ⁄ Restoration2021
Incremental Evolution of Stylized ImagesFlorian UhdeGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Artistic Rendering ⁄ Computational Art2021
Interactive, Efficient and Creative Image Generation Using Compositional Pattern-Producing NetworksErlend Gjesteland Ekern ⁄ Björn GambäckCompositional Pattern-Producing Networks ⁄ Image Generation ⁄ Generative Adversarial Networks2021
Mixed-Initiative Level Design with RL BrushOmar Delarosa ⁄ Hang Dong ⁄ Mindy Ruan ⁄ Ahmed Khalifa ⁄ Julian TogeliusMixed Initiative Tools ⁄ Reinforcement Learning ⁄ Procedural Content Generation2021
Network Bending: Expressive Manipulation of Deep Generative ModelsTerence Broad ⁄ Frederic Fol Leymarie ⁄ Mick GriersonNeural Networks ⁄ Generative Models ⁄ Expressive Manipulation2021
Parameter Tuning for Wavelet-Based Sound Event Detection Using Neural NetworksPallav Raval ⁄ Jabez ChristopherSound Event Detection ⁄ Audio Processing ⁄ Wavelet Transform ⁄ Artificial Neural Network2021
Raga Recognition in Indian Classical Music Using Deep LearningDevansh P. Shah ⁄ Nikhil M. Jagtap ⁄ Prathmesh T. Talekar ⁄ Kiran GawandeRaga Recognition ⁄ Indian Classical Music ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Deep Learning2021
Sculpture Inspired Musical CompositionFrancisco Braga ⁄ H. Sofia PintoComputational Creativity ⁄ Inspiration ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Sculpture ⁄ Musical Composition2021
SerumRNN: Step by Step Audio VST Effect ProgrammingChristopher Mitcheltree ⁄ Hideki KoikeSynthesizer Programming ⁄ Audio Effects ⁄ VST ⁄ Sound Design ⁄ Educational Machine Learning ⁄ Ensemble Modeling ⁄ Recurrent Neural Networks ⁄ Convolutional Neural Networks2021
SyVMO: Synchronous Variable Markov Oracle for Modeling and Predicting Multi-part Musical StructuresNádia Carvalho ⁄ Gilberto BernardesAutomatic Music Generation ⁄ Pattern Analysis ⁄ Variable Markov Oracle ⁄ Context-Dependent ⁄ Variable-Length ⁄ Musical Composition2021
The Enigma of ComplexityJon McCormack ⁄ Camilo Cruz Gambardella ⁄ Andy LomasComplexity ⁄ Aesthetic Measure ⁄ Generative Art ⁄ Generative Design ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Fitness Measure2021
The Simulated Emergence of Chord FunctionYui Uehara ⁄ Satoshi TojoUnsupervised Learning ⁄ Chord Classification ⁄ Hidden Markov Model ⁄ Hidden Semi-Markov Model ⁄ Neural Network2021
A Deep Learning Neural Network for Classifying Good and Bad PhotosStephen Lou Banal ⁄ Vic CiesielskiDeep Learning ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Photography2020
Adapting and Enhancing Evolutionary Art for Casual CreationSimon Colton ⁄ Jon McCormack ⁄ Sebastian Berns ⁄ Elena Petrovskaya ⁄ Michael Cook2020
An Aesthetic-Based Fitness Measure and a Framework for Guidance of Evolutionary Design in ArchitectureManuel Muehlbauer ⁄ Jane Burry ⁄ Andy SongEvolutionary Computation ⁄ Architectural Design ⁄ Grammar Evolution ⁄ Fitness Evaluation2020
Coevolving Artistic Images Using OMNIREPMoshe Sipper ⁄ Jason H. Moore ⁄ Ryan J. UrbanowiczEvolutionary Algorithms ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Cooperative Coevolution ⁄ Interpretation2020
Comparing Fuzzy Rule Based Approaches for Music Genre ClassificationFrederik Heerde ⁄ Igor Vatolkin ⁄ Günter RudolphFuzzy Rule Bases ⁄ Music Genre Recognition ⁄ Semantic Features2020
Controlling Self-organization in Generative Creative SystemsJonathan Young ⁄ Simon ColtonArtificial Chemistry ⁄ Artificial Life ⁄ Generative Creativity ⁄ Unsupervised Learning ⁄ Guided Self-Organization2020
Emerging Technology System EvolutionMatthew LewisEmerging Technologies ⁄ Creative Systems ⁄ Interactive Evolution2020
Emulation GamesAugusto Zubiaga ⁄ Lourdes CillerueloEmulation Game ⁄ Computational Neuroscience ⁄ Epistemogony2020
Fusion of Hilbert-Huang Transform and Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Predominant Musical Instruments RecognitionXiaoquan Li ⁄ Kaiqi Wang ⁄ John Soraghan ⁄ Jinchang RenPredominant Musical Instrument Recognition ⁄ Convolutional Neural Network ⁄ Hilbert-Huang Transform2020
Genetic Reverb: Synthesizing Artificial Reverberant Fields via Genetic AlgorithmsEdward Ly ⁄ Julián VillegasConvolution Reverb ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Impulse Responses ⁄ Room Acoustics ⁄ Signal Processing2020
Objective Evaluation of Tonal Fitness for Chord Progressions Using the Tonal Interval SpaceMaría Navarro-Cáceres ⁄ Marcelo Caetano ⁄ Gilberto BernardesChord Progression ⁄ Hierarchical Tension ⁄ Tonal Interval Space ⁄ Melodic Attraction ⁄ Consonance2020
Portraits of No One: An Interactive InstallationTiago Martins ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Sérgio Rebelo ⁄ João Bicker ⁄ Penousal MachadoInteractive Installation ⁄ Media Art ⁄ Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Computer Vision ⁄ Image Generation ⁄ Computer Graphics2020
Quantum Zentanglement: Combining Picbreeder and Wave Function Collapse to Create Zentangles extregistered Anna Krolikowski ⁄ Sarah Friday ⁄ Alice Quintanilla ⁄ Jacob SchrumZentangle ⁄ Compositional Pattern Producing Networks ⁄ Wave Function Collapse ⁄ Neuroevolution ⁄ Interactive Evolution2020
Sound Cells in Genetic Improvisation: An Evolutionary Model for Improvised MusicSebastian TrumpEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Musical Improvisation ⁄ Computational Analysis2020
Understanding Aesthetic Evaluation Using Deep Learning ⁜Jon McCormack ⁄ Andy LomasEvolutionary Art ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Aesthetic Measure ⁄ Convolutional Neural Networks ⁄ Dimension Reduction ⁄ Morphogenesis2020
Adversarial Evolution and Deep Learning - How Does an Artist Play with Our Visual System?Alan BlairEvolutionary Art ⁄ Ai-Generated Art ⁄ Artist-Critic Coevolution ⁄ Adversarial Training ⁄ Computational Creativity2019
Automatic Jazz Melody Composition Through a Learning-Based Genetic AlgorithmYong-Wook Nam ⁄ Yong-Hyuk KimGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Automatic Composing ⁄ Geometric Crossover2019
Automatically Generating Engaging Presentation Slide DecksThomas Winters ⁄ Kory W. MathewsonComputer-Aided and Computational Creativity ⁄ Generation ⁄ Computational Intelligence for Human Creativity2019
Autonomy, Authenticity, Authorship and Intention in Computer Generated ArtJon McCormack ⁄ Toby Gifford ⁄ Patrick HutchingsAutonomy ⁄ Authenticity ⁄ Computer Art ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Authorship2019
Camera Obscurer: Generative Art for Design InspirationDilpreet Singh ⁄ Nina Rajcic ⁄ Simon Colton ⁄ Jon McCormack2019
Comparing Models for Harmony Prediction in an Interactive Audio LooperBenedikte Wallace ⁄ Charles P. MartinRNN ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ Music Interaction ⁄ Machine Improvisation2019
Deep Learning Concepts for Evolutionary ArtFazle Tanjil ⁄ Brian RossDeep Convolutional Neural Network ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Evolutionary Art2019
Emojinating: Evolving Emoji BlendsJoão M. Cunha ⁄ Nuno Lourenço ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Pedro Martins ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Emoji ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Visual Blending2019
EvoChef: Show Me What to Cook! Artificial Evolution of Culinary ArtsHajira Jabeen ⁄ Nargis Tahara ⁄ Jens LehmannRecipe ⁄ Evolutionary Algorithms ⁄ Culinary Art ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2019
Evolutionary Games for Audiovisual Works: Exploring the Demographic Prisoner's DilemmaStefano KalonarisEvolutionary Games ⁄ Demographic Prisoner'S Dilemma ⁄ Computational Aesthetics2019
Evolutionary Multi-objective Training Set Selection of Data Instances and Augmentations for Vocal DetectionIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Daniel StollerVocal Detection ⁄ Evolutionary Multi-Objective Training Set Selectio ⁄ Data Augmentation2019
Exploring Transfer Functions in Evolved CTRNNs for Music GenerationSteffan Ianigro ⁄ Oliver BownContinuous Time Recurrent Neural Network ⁄ Novelty Search ⁄ Audio Synthesis ⁄ Generative Music2019
Paintings, Polygons and Plant PropagationMisha Paauw ⁄ Daan BergPaintings ⁄ Polygons ⁄ Plant Propagation Algorithm ⁄ Simulated Annealing ⁄ Stochastic Hillclimbing2019
Stochastic Synthesizer Patch Exploration in EdisynSean LukeSynthesizer Patch Design ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation2019
Swarm-Based Identification of Animation Key Points from 2D-medialness Maps ⁜Prashant Aparajeya ⁄ Frederic Fol Leymarie ⁄ Mohammad Majid al-RifaieLine of Action ⁄ Medialness ⁄ Dispersive Flies Optimisation ⁄ Swarm Intelligence ⁄ Dominant Points ⁄ Animation2019
Tired of Choosing? Just Add Structure and Virtual RealityEdward Easton ⁄ Ulysses Bernardet ⁄ Aniko EkartUser Fatigue ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Virtual Reality2019
Adaptive Interface for Mapping Body Movements to SoundsDimitrije Marković ⁄ Nebojša Malešević2018
Co-evolving Melodies and Harmonization in Evolutionary Music CompositionOlav Olseng ⁄ Björn Gambäck2018
Construction of a Repertoire of Analog Form-Finding Techniques as a Basis for Computational Morphological Exploration in Design and ArchitectureEver Patiño ⁄ Jorge MayaForm-Finding ⁄ Morphogenetic Design ⁄ Bio-Inspiration ⁄ Form Generation ⁄ Generative Design2018
Deep Interactive EvolutionPhilip Bontrager ⁄ Wending Lin ⁄ Julian Togelius ⁄ Sebastian Risi2018
Dynamical Music with Musical Boolean NetworksGeorge Gabriel ⁄ Susan StepneyMusic ⁄ Dynamical Systems ⁄ Boolean Networks ⁄ Computer-Assisted Composition2018
evoExplore: Multiscale Visualization of Evolutionary Histories in Virtual RealityJustin Kelly ⁄ Christian JacobEvolutionary Design ⁄ Multiscale ⁄ Information Visualization ⁄ Game Engine ⁄ Virtual Reality2018
Evotype: Towards the Evolution of Type Stencils ⁜Tiago Martins ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Ernesto Costa ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Computation ⁄ Evolutionary Design ⁄ Automatic Fitness Assignment ⁄ Type Design ⁄ Stencil2018
Expressive Piano Music Playing Using a Kalman FilterAlexandra Bonnici ⁄ Maria Mifsud ⁄ Kenneth P. Camilleri2018
Generating Drum Rhythms Through Data-Driven Conceptual Blending of Features and Genetic AlgorithmsMaximos Kaliakatsos-PapakostasConceptual Blending ⁄ Drum Rhythms ⁄ Genetic Algorithms2018
Generative Solid Modelling Employing Natural Language Understanding and 3D DataMarinos Koutsomichalis ⁄ Björn Gambäck2018
Learning as Performance: Autoencoding and Generating Dance Movements in Real TimeAlexander Berman ⁄ Valencia JamesHuman-Computer Co-Creativity ⁄ Movement Generation ⁄ Real-Time Learning ⁄ Autoencoder2018
Medical Art Therapy of the Future: Building an Interactive Virtual Underwater World in a Children's HospitalLudivine Lechat ⁄ Lieven Menschaert ⁄ Tom De Smedt ⁄ Lucas Nijs ⁄ Monica Dhar ⁄ Koen Norga ⁄ Jaan ToelenProcedural Generation ⁄ Autonomous Agents ⁄ Motion Sensing ⁄ Quality of Life ⁄ Evidence-Based2018
Musical OrganismsAnna Lindemann ⁄ Eric Lindemann2018
Non-photorealistic Rendering with Cartesian Genetic Programming Using Graphics Processing UnitsIllya Bakurov ⁄ Brian RossNon-Photorealistic Rendering ⁄ Cartesian Genetic Programming ⁄ Graphics Processing Units ⁄ Evolutionary Art2018
On Collaborator Selection in Creative Agent Societies: An Evolutionary Art Case StudySimo Linkola ⁄ Otto HantulaComputational Social Creativity ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Collaboration ⁄ Learning From Experience2018
RoboJam: A Musical Mixture Density Network for Collaborative Touchscreen InteractionCharles Patrick Martin ⁄ Jim TorresenArtificial Neural Networks ⁄ Musical Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Mobile Music ⁄ Collaboration ⁄ Intelligent Agents2018
The Light Show: Flashing Fireflies Gathering and Flying over Digital ImagesPaulo Urbano2018
Towards a General Framework for Artistic Style TransferFlorian Uhde ⁄ Sanaz Mostaghim2018
Towards Partially Automatic Search of Edge Bundling ParametersEvgheni Polisciuc ⁄ Filipe Assunção ⁄ Penousal MachadoInformation Visualization ⁄ Edge Bundling ⁄ Graph Representation ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2018
Visual Art Inspired by the Collective Feeding Behavior of Sand-Bubbler CrabsHendrik Richter2018
A Kind of Bio-inspired Learning of mUsic stylERoberto De Prisco ⁄ Delfina Malandrino ⁄ Gianluca Zaccagnino ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino ⁄ Rosalba Zizza2017
A Swarm Environment for Experimental Performance and ImprovisationFrank Mauceri ⁄ Stephen M. MajercikInteractive Human/Computer Music Improvisation ⁄ Swarm Intelligence2017
Algorithmic Songwriting with ALYSIAMargareta Ackerman ⁄ David LokerAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Songwriting2017
Assessing Augmented Creativity: Putting a Lovelace Machine for Interactive Title Generation Through a Human Creativity TestYasser S. Arenas Rebolledo ⁄ Peter Putten ⁄ Maarten H. Lamers2017
Automated Shape Design by Grammatical EvolutionManuel Muehlbauer ⁄ Jane Burry ⁄ Andy SongShape Generation ⁄ Design ⁄ Genetic Programming2017
Clustering Agents for the Evolution of Autonomous Musical FitnessRóisín Loughran ⁄ Michael O'NeillAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Grammatical Evolution ⁄ Clustering ⁄ Self-Adaptive System ⁄ Autonomous Fitness Function2017
Deep Artificial Composer: A Creative Neural Network Model for Automated Melody GenerationFlorian Colombo ⁄ Alexander Seeholzer ⁄ Wulfram GerstnerAutomated Music Composition ⁄ Deep Neural Networks ⁄ Sequence Learning ⁄ Evaluation of Generative Models2017
Evaluation Rules for Evolutionary Generation of Drum Patterns in Jazz SolosFabian Ostermann ⁄ Igor Vatolkin ⁄ Günter RudolphEvolutionary Music Generation ⁄ Rhythm Generation ⁄ Jazz Solo Accompaniment2017
EvoFashion: Customising Fashion Through EvolutionNuno Lourenço ⁄ Filipe Assunção ⁄ Catarina Maçãs ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Fashion Design ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Product Customisation2017
Evolutionary Image Transition Using Random WalksAneta Neumann ⁄ Bradley Alexander ⁄ Frank Neumann2017
Evolved Aesthetic Analogies to Improve Artistic ExperienceAidan Breen ⁄ Colm O'Riordan ⁄ Jerome SheahanComputational Evolution ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Grammatical Evolution Computational Analogy ⁄ Aesthetic Analogy2017
Evolving Mondrian-Style ArtworksMiri Weiss Cohen ⁄ Leticia Cherchiglia ⁄ Rachel CostaArt-Style Mondrian ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Computer Art2017
Exploring the Exactitudes Portrait Series with Restricted Boltzmann MachinesSam D. Verkoelen ⁄ Maarten H. Lamers ⁄ Peter Putten2017
Fashion Design Aid System with Application of Interactive Genetic AlgorithmsNazanin Alsadat Tabatabaei AnarakiFashion Design ⁄ Interactive Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Artificial Evolution ⁄ Human-Computer Interface2017
Generalisation Performance of Western Instrument Recognition Models in Polyphonic Mixtures with Ethnic SamplesIgor VatolkinMusic Instrument Recognition ⁄ Evolutionary Multi-Objective Feature Selection ⁄ Generalisation Performance of Classification Model2017
Generating Polyphonic Music Using Tied Parallel NetworksDaniel D. Johnson2017
Melody Retrieval and Classification Using Biologically-Inspired TechniquesDimitrios Bountouridis ⁄ Dan Brown ⁄ Hendrik Vincent Koops ⁄ Frans Wiering ⁄ Remco C. Veltkamp2017
Mixed-Initiative Creative Drawing with webIconoscopeAntonios Liapis2017
Niche Constructing Drawing Robots ⁜Jon McCormackDrawing Robots2017
On Symmetry, Aesthetics and Quantifying Symmetrical ComplexityMohammad Majid al-Rifaie ⁄ Anna Ursyn ⁄ Robert Zimmer ⁄ Mohammad Ali Javaheri JavidHuman Aesthetic Perception ⁄ Symmetry and Complexity ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Swarm Intelligence ⁄ Dispersive Flies Optimisation2017
Play it Again: Evolved Audio Effects and Synthesizer ProgrammingBenjamin D. SmithSound Synthesis ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Adaptive Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Audio Effects2017
Predicting Expressive Bow Controls for Violin and ViolaLauren Jane Yu ⁄ Andrea Pohoreckyj DanylukMusical Expression ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Violin ⁄ Viola ⁄ Bow Articulation2017
Towards Polyphony Reconstruction Using Multidimensional Multiple Sequence AlignmentDimitrios Bountouridis ⁄ Frans Wiering ⁄ Dan Brown ⁄ Remco C. Veltkamp2017
Using Autonomous Agents to Improvise Music Compositions in Real-TimePatrick Hutchings ⁄ Jon McCormackMulti-Agent Systems ⁄ Music Composition ⁄ Artificial Neural Networks2017
A Comparison Between Representations for Evolving ImagesAlessandro Re ⁄ Mauro Castelli ⁄ Leonardo VanneschiGenetic Programming ⁄ Image Representation ⁄ Locality2016
An Evolutionary Composer for Real-Time Background MusicRoberto De Prisco ⁄ Delfina Malandrino ⁄ Gianluca Zaccagnino ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino2016
Animating Typescript Using Aesthetically Evolved ImagesAshley MillsAesthetic Evolution Animated ⁄ Animated Typeface ⁄ Typescript2016
Augmenting Live Coding with Evolved PatternsSimon Hickinbotham ⁄ Susan Stepney2016
Computer-Aided Musical Orchestration Using an Artificial Immune SystemJosé Abreu ⁄ Marcelo Caetano ⁄ Rui Penha2016
Correlation Between Human Aesthetic Judgement and Spatial Complexity MeasureMohammad Ali Javaheri Javid ⁄ Tim Blackwell ⁄ Robert Zimmer ⁄ Mohammad Majid al-RifaieHuman Aesthetic Judgements ⁄ Spatial Complexity ⁄ Information Theory ⁄ Symmetry ⁄ Complexity2016
Evolving Atomic Aesthetics and DynamicsEdward Davies ⁄ Phillip Tew ⁄ David Glowacki ⁄ Jim Smith ⁄ Thomas MitchellAesthetic Evolution ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Molecular Aesthetics2016
Evolving L-Systems with Musical NotesAna Rodrigues ⁄ Ernesto Costa ⁄ Amílcar Cardoso ⁄ Penousal Machado ⁄ Tiago CruzEvolutionary Environment ⁄ Generative Music ⁄ Interactive Genetic Algorithm ⁄ L-Systems ⁄ Sound Visualization2016
Exploring the Visual Styles of Arcade Game AssetsAntonios Liapis2016
Fitness and Novelty in Evolutionary ArtAdriano Vinhas ⁄ Filipe Assunção ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Aniko Ekárt ⁄ Penousal MachadoNovelty Search ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Multi-Objective Optimisation2016
Grammatical Music Composition with Dissimilarity Driven Hill ClimbingRóisín Loughran ⁄ James McDermott ⁄ Michael O'NeillAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Hill-Climbing ⁄ Grammar2016
Iterative Brush Path Extraction Algorithm for Aiding Flock Brush Simulation of Stroke-Based Painterly RenderingTieta Putri ⁄ Ramakrishnan MukundanComputational Intelligence ⁄ Non-Photorealistic Rendering ⁄ Brush Stroke Extraction ⁄ Painterly Rendering ⁄ Flock Simulation ⁄ Autonomous Agents ⁄ Swarm Intelligence2016
MetaCompose: A Compositional Evolutionary Music Composer ⁜Marco Scirea ⁄ Julian Togelius ⁄ Peter Eklund ⁄ Sebastian RisiEvolutionary Computing ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Music Generation2016
Plecto: A Low-Level Interactive Genetic Algorithm for the Evolution of AudioSteffan Ianigro ⁄ Oliver BownNeural Network ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Evolution ⁄ Interaction Design2016
Towards Adaptive Evolutionary ArchitectureSebastian Hølt Bak ⁄ Nina Rask ⁄ Sebastian RisiEvolutionary Computation ⁄ Interactive Evolution ⁄ Architecture ⁄ Artificial Life2016
`Turingalila' Visual Music on the Theme of MorphogenesisTerry TrickettAlan Turing ⁄ Morphogenesis ⁄ Turing Patterns ⁄ Visual Music ⁄ Germaine Tailleferre ⁄ Clarinet ⁄ Biological Mathematics2016
A Genetic Programming Approach to Generating Musical CompositionsDavid M. HofmannAutomated Music Generation ⁄ Multi-Objective Genetic Programming ⁄ Domain-Specific Languages2015
AudioInSpace: Exploring the Creative Fusion of Generative Audio, Visuals and GameplayAmy K. Hoover ⁄ William Cachia ⁄ Antonios Liapis ⁄ Georgios N. Yannakakis2015
Automatic Generation of Chord Progressions with an Artificial Immune SystemMaría Navarro ⁄ Marcelo Caetano ⁄ Gilberto Bernardes ⁄ Leandro Nunes Castro ⁄ Juan Manuel CorchadoArtificial Immune Systems ⁄ Chord Progressions ⁄ Harmony ⁄ Consonance2015
Avoidance Drawings Evolved Using Virtual Drawing RobotsGary Greenfield2015
Biological Content Generation: Evolving Game Terrains Through Living OrganismsWim Eck ⁄ Maarten H. LamersBio-Digital Hybrid Systems ⁄ Living Organisms ⁄ Virtual Terrain ⁄ Computer Games ⁄ Procedural Content Generation ⁄ Fungi ⁄ Bacteria2015
Chorale Music Splicing System: An Algorithmic Music Composer Inspired by Molecular SplicingClelia De Felice ⁄ Roberto De Prisco ⁄ Delfina Malandrino ⁄ Gianluca Zaccagnino ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino ⁄ Rosalba Zizza2015
DrawCompileEvolve: Sparking Interactive Evolutionary Art with Human CreationsJinhong Zhang ⁄ Rasmus Taarnby ⁄ Antonios Liapis ⁄ Sebastian Risi2015
EchoChristoph Klemmt ⁄ Rajat SodhiArchitecture ⁄ Sound ⁄ Data ⁄ Form ⁄ Reassignment ⁄ Echo2015
Evolving Diverse Design Populations Using Fitness Sharing and Random Forest Based Fitness ApproximationKate Reed ⁄ Duncan F. GilliesChair Design ⁄ Generative Design ⁄ Fitness Sharing ⁄ Multimodel Evolutionary Algorithms2015
Evotype: Evolutionary Type DesignTiago Martins ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Ernesto Costa ⁄ Penousal MachadoType Design ⁄ Evolutionary Design ⁄ Island Model2015
Feature Discovery by Deep Learning for Aesthetic Analysis of Evolved Abstract ImagesAllan Campbell ⁄ Vic Ciesielski ⁄ A. K. QinComputational Aesthetics ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ Evolved Abstract Images2015
FuXi: A Fish-Driven Instrument for Real-Time Music PerformanceJoão CordeiroFish-Driven Instrument ⁄ Electroacoustic Music ⁄ NIME ⁄ Human-Computer Interaction ⁄ Improvisation ⁄ Indeterminism2015
Generative Music with Stochastic Diffusion SearchAsmaa Majid Al-Rifaie ⁄ Mohammad Majid al-RifaieSwarm Intelligence ⁄ Stochastic Diffusion Search ⁄ Generative Music ⁄ Nature-Inspired Algorithm2015
Interior Illumination Design Using Genetic ProgrammingKelly Moylan ⁄ Brian RossIllumination ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Radiance ⁄ Many-Objective Optimization2015
Interpretability of Music Classification as a Criterion for Evolutionary Multi-objective Feature SelectionIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Günter Rudolph ⁄ Claus WeihsInterpretable Music Classification ⁄ Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimisation ⁄ Feature Selection2015
Lichtsuchende: Exploring the Emergence of a Cybernetic Society ⁜Dave Murray-Rust ⁄ Rocio Jungenfeld2015
Moody Music Generator: Characterising Control Parameters Using CrowdsourcingMarco Scirea ⁄ Mark J. Nelson ⁄ Julian Togelius2015
Music with Unconventional Computing: Towards a Step Sequencer from Plasmodium of Physarum PolycephalumEdward Braund ⁄ Eduardo MirandaPhysarum Polycephalum ⁄ Sonification ⁄ Unconventional Computing ⁄ Computer Music ⁄ Future Music ⁄ Biomusic ⁄ Step Sequencer ⁄ Bionic Engineering2015
On the Stylistic Evolution of a Society of Virtual Melody ComposersValerio Velardo ⁄ Mauro VallatiStylistic Evolution ⁄ Melody Generation ⁄ Memetic Approach ⁄ Computational Creativity2015
Schemographe: Application for a New Representation Technique and Methodology of Analysis in Tonal HarmonyAnna Shvets ⁄ Myriam Desainte-Catherine2015
The Sound Digestive System: A Strategy for Music and Sound CompositionJuan Manuel EscalanteSound Synthesis ⁄ Music ⁄ Generative ⁄ Algorithm2015
Toward Certain Sonic Properties of an Audio Feedback System by Evolutionary Control of Second-Order StructuresSeunghun Kim ⁄ Juhan Nam ⁄ Graham WakefieldAudio Feedback ⁄ Evolutionary Algorithm2015
Towards an Evolutionary Computational Approach to Articulatory Vocal Synthesis with PRAATJared Drayton ⁄ Eduardo MirandaArticulatory Vocal Synthesis ⁄ Vocal Synthesis ⁄ Evolutionary Computing ⁄ Speech ⁄ PRAAT ⁄ Genetic Algorithms2015
A Complexity Approach for Identifying Aesthetic Composite LandscapesAdrian Carballal ⁄ Rebeca Perez ⁄ Antonino Santos ⁄ Luz Castro2014
A Novelty Search and Power-Law-Based Genetic Algorithm for Exploring Harmonic Spaces in J.S. Bach ChoralesBill Manaris ⁄ David Johnson ⁄ Yiorgos VassilandonakisNovelty Search ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Markov Model ⁄ Harmony ⁄ Generative Music2014
An Indirect Fitness Scheme for Automated Evolution of Aesthetic ImagesGary Greenfield2014
An Interface for Fitness Function Design ⁜Penousal Machado ⁄ Tiago Martins ⁄ Hugo Amaro ⁄ Pedro H. AbreuAnt Paintings ⁄ Fitness Function ⁄ Autonomous Evolutionary Art2014
Authorship and Aesthetics Experiments: Comparison of Results between Human and Computational SystemsLuz Castro ⁄ Rebeca Perez ⁄ Antonino Santos ⁄ Adrian Carballal2014
Balancing Act: Variation and Utility in Evolutionary ArtJon McCormackEvolutionary Art ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Artificial Life ⁄ Genotype-Phenotype Mapping2014
Evolving an Aircraft Using a Parametric Design SystemJonathan Byrne ⁄ Philip Cardiff ⁄ Anthony Brabazon ⁄ Michael O'Neill2014
Feature Construction Using Genetic Programming for Classification of Images by Aesthetic ValueAndrew Bishop ⁄ Vic Ciesielski ⁄ Karen TristGenetic Programming ⁄ Feature Construction ⁄ Image Aesthetics2014
Genomic: Evolving Sound Treatments Using Genetic AlgorithmsThomas M. Stoll2014
Probabilistic Decision Making for Interactive Evolution with Sensitivity AnalysisJonathan Eisenmann ⁄ Matthew Lewis ⁄ Rick ParentInteractive Evolution ⁄ Sensitivity Analysis ⁄ Probabilistic Genetic Operators2014
Size Does Not Matter: Evolving Parameters for a Cayley Graph Visualiser Using 64 BitsMiguel Nicolau ⁄ Dan Costelloe2014
Aesthetic Measures for Evolutionary Vase Design ⁜Kate Reed2013
Aesthetics, Art, EvolutionJon McCormackEvolutionary Art ⁄ Art Theory ⁄ Aesthetics2013
Application of an Island Model Genetic Algorithm for a Multi-track Music Segmentation ProblemBrigitte Rafael ⁄ Michael Affenzeller ⁄ Stefan Wagner2013
Biologically-Inspired Motion Pattern Design of Multi-legged CreaturesShihui Guo ⁄ Safa Tharib ⁄ Jian Chang ⁄ Jianjun ZhangComputer Animation ⁄ Character Motion ⁄ Multi-Legged Creatures2013
Darwinian Pianos: Realtime Composition Based on Competitive Evolutionary ProcessGuido KramannEvolutionary Music ⁄ Minimal Music ⁄ Algorithmic Composition ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Realtime Systems2013
Decision Chain Encoding: Evolutionary Design Optimization with Complex ConstraintsPatrick Janssen ⁄ Vignesh KaushikEvolutionary ⁄ Multi-Criteria Optimization ⁄ Constraints ⁄ Encoding ⁄ Decoding2013
evoDrummer: Deriving Rhythmic Patterns through Interactive Genetic AlgorithmsMaximos A. Kaliakatsos-Papakostas ⁄ Andreas Floros ⁄ Michael N. Vrahatis2013
Evolving Glitch ArtEelco Heijer2013
EvoSpace-Interactive: A Framework to Develop Distributed Collaborative-Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms for Artistic DesignMario García-Valdez ⁄ Leonardo Trujillo ⁄ Francisco Vega ⁄ Juan Julián Merelo Guervós ⁄ Gustavo OlagueInteractive Evolution ⁄ Collaborative Design ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Cloud Computing2013
Feature Selection and Novelty in Computational AestheticsJoão Correia ⁄ Penousal Machado ⁄ Juan Romero ⁄ Adrian Carballal2013
Finding Image Features Associated with High Aesthetic Value by Machine LearningVic Ciesielski ⁄ Perry Barile ⁄ Karen TristEvolutionary Art ⁄ Genetic Art ⁄ Feature Extraction ⁄ Feature Selection2013
Inverse Mapping with Sensitivity Analysis for Partial Selection in Interactive EvolutionJonathan Eisenmann ⁄ Matthew Lewis ⁄ Rick ParentInteractive Evolution ⁄ Sensitivity Analysis ⁄ Inverse Mapping2013
Sentient World: Human-Based Procedural CartographyAntonios Liapis ⁄ Georgios N. Yannakakis ⁄ Julian Togelius2013
Swarmic Paintings and Colour AttentionMohammad Majid al-Rifaie ⁄ John Mark Bishop2013
Swarmic Sketches and Attention MechanismMohammad Majid al-Rifaie ⁄ John Mark BishopStochastic Diffusion Search ⁄ Particle Swarm Optimisation ⁄ Sketching ⁄ Drawing ⁄ Attention2013
A Computational Environment for the Evolutionary Sound Synthesis of BirdsongsJosé FornariEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Birdsong ⁄ Soundscape2012
A Local Search Interface for Interactive Evolutionary Architectural DesignJonathan Byrne ⁄ Erik Hemberg ⁄ Anthony Brabazon ⁄ Michael O'Neill2012
A Platform for Evolving Controllers for Simulated Drawing RobotsGary Greenfield2012
Aesthetic 3D Model Evolution ⁜Steve Bergen ⁄ Brian RossAesthetics ⁄ L-Systems ⁄ 3D Models ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Multi-Objective Evaluation2012
Evolving a Library of Artistic Scene DescriptorsSimon Colton2012
Evolving Pop Art Using Scalable Vector GraphicsHeijer Eelco ⁄ A. E. Eiben2012
Expression-Based Evolution of FacesPenousal Machado ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Juan RomeroEvolutionary Art ⁄ Automatic Fitness Assignment ⁄ Face Detection2012
Fitness in Evolutionary Art and Music: What Has Been Used and What Could Be Used?Colin Johnson2012
Fuzzy Rule Based System Ensemble for Music Genre ClassificationFrancisco Fernández ⁄ Francisco Chávez2012
Generative Choreography: Animating in Real-Time Dancing AvatarsRui Filipe Antunes ⁄ Frederic Fol Leymarie2012
Genetic Programming for Musical Sound AnalysisRóisín Loughran ⁄ Jacqueline Walker ⁄ Michael O'Neill ⁄ James McDermottMusical Information Retrieval ⁄ Timbre ⁄ Genetic Programming2012
Graph Grammars as a Representation for Interactive Evolutionary 3D DesignJames McDermott2012
Interactive Evolution of 8-Bit Melodies with Genetic Programming towards Finding Aesthetic Measures for SoundMaximos A. Kaliakatsos-Papakostas ⁄ Michael G. Epitropakis ⁄ Andreas Floros ⁄ Michael N. Vrahatis2012
Investigating Aesthetic Features to Model Human Preference in Evolutionary ArtYang Li ⁄ Chang-Jun Hu ⁄ Ming Chen ⁄ Jingyuan HuAesthetic Learning ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Computational Aesthetics2012
Learning Comparative User Models for Accelerating Human-Computer Collaborative SearchGregory S. Hornby ⁄ Josh BongardEvolutionary Design ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm2012
Maintaining Population Diversity in Evolutionary ArtHeijer Eelco ⁄ A. E. Eiben2012
Polyphonic Transcription: Exploring a Hybrid of Tone Models and Particle Swarm OptimisationSomnuk Phon-AmnuaisukPolyphonic Music Transcription ⁄ Hybrid of Tone-Models ⁄ Particle Swarm Optimisation2012
Populations of Populations: Composing with Multiple Evolutionary AlgorithmsArne Eigenfeldt ⁄ Philippe PasquierBiological Inspired Music ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Evolutionary Music2012
Reinforcement Learning and the Creative, Automated Music ImproviserBenjamin D. Smith ⁄ Guy E. GarnettComputational Creativity ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Music ⁄ Composition ⁄ Reinforcement Learning ⁄ Adaptive Resonance Theory2012
The Traveling PercussionistPhil Lopes ⁄ Paulo UrbanoGenerative Music ⁄ State Space Search ⁄ Optimization ⁄ Sound Morphing2012
A Customizable Recognizer for Orchestral Conducting Gestures Based on Neural NetworksRoberto De Prisco ⁄ Paolo Sabatino ⁄ Gianluca Zaccagnino ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino2011
A Genetic Algorithm for Dodecaphonic CompositionsRoberto De Prisco ⁄ Gianluca Zaccagnino ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino2011
A Sonic Eco-System of Self-Organising Musical AgentsArne Eigenfeldt ⁄ Philippe PasquierSonic Eco-System ⁄ Artificial Life ⁄ Self-Organisation2011
Aesthetic Classification and Sorting Based on Image CompressionJuan Romero ⁄ Penousal Machado ⁄ Adrian Carballal ⁄ Olga Osorio2011
Combining Structural Analysis and Multi-Objective Criteria for Evolutionary Architectural DesignJonathan Byrne ⁄ Michael Fenton ⁄ Erik Hemberg ⁄ James McDermott ⁄ Michael O'Neill ⁄ Elizabeth Shotton ⁄ Ciaran Nally2011
Creating Choreography with Interactive Evolutionary AlgorithmsJonathan Eisenmann ⁄ Benjamin Schroeder ⁄ Matthew Lewis ⁄ Rick ParentEvolutionary Design ⁄ Animation ⁄ Interaction Techniques ⁄ Choreography ⁄ Behavioral Systems2011
Evolution of Architectural Floor PlansRobert W. J. Flack ⁄ Brian RossEvolutionary Design ⁄ Floor Planning ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Multi-Objective Optimisation ⁄ Pareto Ranking ⁄ Ranked Sum2011
Evolving Art Using Multiple Aesthetic MeasuresHeijer Eelco ⁄ A. E. Eiben2011
Evolving Four-Part Harmony Using Genetic AlgorithmsPatrick Donnelly ⁄ John SheppardGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Evolutionary Programming ⁄ Melody ⁄ Harmony ⁄ Rhythm ⁄ Music Composition2011
Evolving Textures from High Level Descriptions: Gray with an Accent ColorCraig ReynoldsTexture Synthesis ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Design ⁄ Tool2011
Generative Art Inspired by Nature, Using NodeBoxTom De Smedt ⁄ Ludivine Lechat ⁄ Walter DaelemansComputer Graphics ⁄ Generative Art ⁄ Emergence ⁄ Natural Language Processing2011
Interactive Biomimetic Space: An Interactive Installation to Explore Living ArchitectureLiraz Mor ⁄ Chao Liu ⁄ Sebastian MammenInteractive Art ⁄ Architectural Design ⁄ Swarm Dynamics ⁄ Computational Development2011
iSoundScape: Adaptive Walk on a Fitness SoundscapeReiji Suzuki ⁄ Souichiro Yamaguchi ⁄ Martin L. Cody ⁄ Charles E. Taylor ⁄ Takaya AritaInteractive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Musical Composition ⁄ Fitness Landscape ⁄ Surround Sound ⁄ Birdsong ⁄ Artificial Life2011
Ludic Considerations of Tablet-Based Evo-ArtSimon Colton ⁄ Michael Cook ⁄ Azalea Raad2011
Merging Aesthetics with Functionality: An Interactive Genetic Algorithm Based on the Principle of Weighted MutationEirini VouliouriInteractive Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Weighted Mutation ⁄ Human Evaluation ⁄ Algorithmic Design Control2011
Modelling Human Preference in Evolutionary ArtAniko Ekárt ⁄ Divya Sharma ⁄ Stayko ChalakovAesthetic Measure ⁄ Human Preference Modelling ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Interactive vs Automatic Evolution2011
Music Translation of Tertiary Protein Structure: Auditory Patterns of the Protein FoldingRiccardo Castagna ⁄ Alessandro Chiolerio ⁄ Valentina MargariaBioart ⁄ Biomusic ⁄ Protein Folding ⁄ Bioinformatics2011
Neurogranular Synthesis: Granular Synthesis Controlled by a Pulse-Coupled Network of Spiking NeuronsKevin McCracken ⁄ John Matthias ⁄ Eduardo MirandaSpiking Neurons ⁄ Granular Synthesis ⁄ Interactive Musical Control Systems2011
Parallel Evolutionary Optimization of Digital Sound Synthesis ParametersBatuhan Bozkurt ⁄ Kamer Ali YükselComputer Music ⁄ Parameter Estimation ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Parallel Computing2011
Path of Patches: Implementing an Evolutionary Soundscape Art InstallationJosé FornariEvolutionary Computation ⁄ Sonic Art ⁄ Soundscape2011
SANTIAGO - A Real-Time Biological Neural Network Environment for Generative Music CreationHernán Kerlleñevich ⁄ Pablo Ernesto Riera ⁄ Manuel Camilo EguiaGenerative Music ⁄ Biological Neural Networks ⁄ Real-Time Processing2011
The T. albipennis Sand Painting ArtistsPaulo UrbanoAnt Paintings ⁄ Swarm Art2011
Using Grammatical Evolution to Parameterise Interactive 3D Image GenerationMiguel Nicolau ⁄ Dan Costelloe2011
Weighted Markov Chain Model for Musical Composer IdentificationMaximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas ⁄ Michael G. Epitropakis ⁄ Michael N. Vrahatis2011
A Neural Network for Bass Functional HarmonizationRoberto De Prisco ⁄ Antonio Eletto ⁄ Antonio Torre ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino2010
Aesthetic Learning in an Interactive Evolutionary Art SystemYang Li ⁄ Chang-Jun HuEvolutionary Art ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Image Complexity ⁄ Fractal Compression2010
Combining Musical Constraints with Markov Transition Probabilities to Improve the Generation of Creative Musical StructuresStephen Davismoon ⁄ John Eccles2010
Comparing Aesthetic Measures for Evolutionary ArtHeijer Eelco ⁄ A. E. Eiben2010
Dynamic Musical Orchestration Using Genetic Algorithms and a Spectro-Temporal Description of Musical InstrumentsPhilippe Esling ⁄ Grégoire Carpentier ⁄ Carlos AgonOrchestration ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Gaussian Mixture Models ⁄ Instruments Temporal Evolution ⁄ Instrumental Models2010
Evolutionary Sound Synthesis: Rendering Spectrograms from Cellular Automata HistogramsJaime Serquera ⁄ Eduardo MirandaSound Synthesis ⁄ Cellular Automata ⁄ Histogram Mapping Synthesis ⁄ Additive Synthesis ⁄ Multitype Voter Model2010
Evolving Artistic Styles through Visual DialoguesJae C. Oh ⁄ Edward Zajec2010
From Evolutionary Composition to Robotic SonificationArtemis Moroni ⁄ Jônatas ManzolliAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Robotics ⁄ Sonification2010
Generative Art and Evolutionary RefinementGary Greenfield2010
Graph-Based Evolution of Visual LanguagesPenousal Machado ⁄ Henrique Nunes ⁄ Juan Romero2010
Jive: A Generative, Interactive, Virtual, Evolutionary Music SystemJianhua Shao ⁄ James McDermott ⁄ Michael O'Neill ⁄ Anthony BrabazonGenerative Music ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Grammatical Evolution ⁄ Interaction2010
Learning to Dance through Interactive EvolutionGreg A. Dubbin ⁄ Kenneth O. Stanley2010
Musical Composer Identification through Probabilistic and Feedforward Neural NetworksMaximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas ⁄ Michael G. Epitropakis ⁄ Michael N. Vrahatis2010
Refinement Techniques for Animated Evolutionary Photomosaics Using Limited Tile CollectionsShahrul Badariah Mat Sah ⁄ Vic Ciesielski ⁄ Daryl D'SouzaNon-Photorealistic Rendering ⁄ Animated Evolved Photomosaic ⁄ Evolved Art ⁄ Genetic Art ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Digital Art2010
Sound AgentsPhilippe Codognet ⁄ Olivier Pasquet2010
The Problem with Evolutionary Art Is ...Philip Galanter2010
A GA-Based Control Strategy to Create Music with a Chaotic SystemCostantino Rizzuti ⁄ Eleonora Bilotta ⁄ Pietro Pantano2009
An Evolutionary Music Composer Algorithm for Bass HarmonizationRoberto De Prisco ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino2009
Artificial Nature: Immersive World MakingGraham Wakefield ⁄ Haru (Hyunkyung) JiCreative Ecosystems ⁄ Generative Art ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Bio-Inspired ⁄ Art-As-It-Could-Be ⁄ Computational Sublime2009
Composing Using Heterogeneous Cellular AutomataSomnuk Phon-AmnuaisukComposing by Heterogeneous Cellular Automata ⁄ Dynamic Neural Networks ⁄ Automatic Music Generation ⁄ Chorales2009
Elevated Pitch: Automated Grammatical Evolution of Short CompositionsJohn Reddin ⁄ James McDermott ⁄ Michael O'NeillGrammatical Evolution ⁄ Music ⁄ Automatic Composition2009
Evolved Ricochet CompositionsGary Greenfield2009
Evolving Approximate Image FiltersSimon Colton ⁄ Pedro Torres2009
Evolving Indirectly Represented Melodies with Corpus-Based Fitness EvaluationJacek Wolkowicz ⁄ Malcolm Heywood ⁄ Vlado KeseljMusic Generation ⁄ Unigrams ⁄ MIDI ⁄ Generational Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Steady-State Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Automatic Fitness Assignment2009
Filterscape: Energy Recycling in a Creative EcosystemAlice Eldridge ⁄ Alan Dorin2009
Generation of Pop-Rock Chord Sequences Using Genetic Algorithms and Variable Neighborhood SearchLeonardo Lozano ⁄ Andrés L. Medaglia ⁄ Nubia VelascoMusical Harmony ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Variable Neighborhood Search2009
Global Expectation-Violation as Fitness Function in Evolutionary CompositionTim Murray Browne ⁄ Charles Fox2009
Habitat: Engineering in a Simulated Audible EcosystemAlan DorinEcosystem Engineer ⁄ Habitat ⁄ Virtual Ecosystem ⁄ Artificial Life ⁄ Generative Art2009
Hearing ThinkingJane Grant ⁄ John Matthias ⁄ Tim Hodgson ⁄ Eduardo MirandaCortical Neurons ⁄ Granular Synthesis ⁄ Synaptic Plasticity2009
Life's What You Make: Niche Construction and Evolutionary ArtJon McCormack ⁄ Oliver Bown2009
On the Role of Temporary Storage in Interactive EvolutionPalle DahlstedtInteractive Evolution ⁄ Aesthetic Selection ⁄ Temporary Storage ⁄ Workflow ⁄ Cognitive Maps2009
On the Socialization of Evolutionary ArtJuan Romero ⁄ Penousal Machado ⁄ Antonino Santos2009
Teaching Evolutionary Design Systems by Extending "Context Free"Rob Saunders ⁄ Kazjon Grace2009
The Evolution of Evolutionary Software: Intelligent Rhythm Generation in Kinetic EngineArne EigenfeldtRhythm Generation ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Recombinance2009
A Generative Representation for the Evolution of Jazz SolosKjell Bäckman ⁄ Palle Dahlstedt2008
An Artificial-Chemistry Approach to Generating Polyphonic Musical PhrasesKazuto Tominaga ⁄ Masafumi SetomotoArtificial Chemistry ⁄ Music Composition ⁄ Polyphony ⁄ Counterpoint ⁄ Trial and Error2008
AtomSwarm: A Framework for Swarm ImprovisationDaniel Jones2008
Automatic Invention of Fitness Functions with Application to Scene GenerationSimon Colton2008
Composing Music with Neural Networks and Probabilistic Finite-State MachinesTomasz Oliwa ⁄ Markus WagnerBiological Inspired Music ⁄ Music Composition ⁄ Representation Techniques ⁄ Comparative Analysis ⁄ Time Delay Neural Networks ⁄ Finite State Machines ⁄ Inductive Learning2008
Evolutionary Pointillist Modules: Evolving Assemblages of 3D ObjectsPenousal Machado ⁄ Fernando GracaEvolutionary Art ⁄ Evolutionary Image Filters ⁄ Non-Photorealistic Rendering ⁄ Assemblage2008
Evolved Diffusion Limited Aggregation CompositionsGary Greenfield2008
Free Flight in Parameter Space: A Dynamic Mapping Strategy for Expressive Free ImproPalle Dahlstedt ⁄ Per Anders Nilsson2008
Implicit Fitness Functions for Evolving a Drawing RobotJon Bird ⁄ Phil Husbands ⁄ Martin Perris ⁄ Bill Bigge ⁄ Paul Brown2008
Manipulating Artificial EcosystemsAlice Eldridge ⁄ Alan Dorin ⁄ Jon McCormack2008
Modelling Video Games' Landscapes by Means of Genetic Terrain Programming - A New Approach for Improving Users' ExperienceMiguel Frade ⁄ Francisco Vega ⁄ Carlos CottaTerrain Generation ⁄ Video Games ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Genetic Programming2008
New-Generation Methods in an Interpolating EC Synthesizer InterfaceJames McDermott ⁄ Niall J. L. Griffith ⁄ Michael O'Neill2008
Scaffolding for Interactively Evolving Novel Drum Tracks for Existing SongsAmy K. Hoover ⁄ Michael P. Rosario ⁄ Kenneth O. StanleyCompositional Pattern Producing Networks ⁄ Computer-Generated Music ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies2008
Towards Music Fitness Evaluation with the Hierarchical SOMEdwin Hui Hean Law ⁄ Somnuk Phon-AmnuaisukFitness Evaluation for Music Generation ⁄ Self Organizing Map ⁄ Hierarchical SOM2008
Trans<-->Former #13: Exploration and Adaptation of Evolution Expressed in a Dynamic SculptureGunnar Tufte ⁄ Espen Gangvik2008
Using DNA to Generate 3D Organic Art FormsWilliam Latham ⁄ Miki Shaw ⁄ Stephen Todd ⁄ Frederic Fol Leymarie ⁄ Benjamin Jefferys ⁄ Lawrence Kelley2008
Virtual Constructive Swarm Compositions and InspirationsSebastian Mammen ⁄ Joyce Wong ⁄ Christian Jacob2008
An Automated Music Improviser Using a Genetic Algorithm Driven Synthesis EngineMatthew John Yee-King2007
An Evolutionary Approach to Computer-Aided OrchestrationGrégoire Carpentier ⁄ Damien Tardieu ⁄ Gérard Assayag ⁄ Xavier Rodet ⁄ Emmanuel Saint-James2007
Creating Soundscapes Using Evolutionary Spatial ControlJosé Fornari ⁄ Adolfo Maia ⁄ Jônatas Manzolli2007
Curve, Draft, and Style: Three Steps to the ImageOlgierd Unold ⁄ Maciej TrocEvolutionary Art ⁄ Interactive Evolution ⁄ Bezier Curve2007
Environments for Sonic EcologiesTom Davis ⁄ Pedro RebeloEvolutionary Music ⁄ Ecology ⁄ Environment ⁄ Installation ⁄ Agent ⁄ Artwork2007
Evolution of Animated PhotomosaicsVic Ciesielski ⁄ Marsha Berry ⁄ Karen Trist ⁄ Daryl D'Souza2007
Evolutionary Assistance in Alliteration and Allelic DrivelRaquel Hervás ⁄ Jason Robinson ⁄ Pablo Gervás2007
Evolutionary GUIs for Sound SynthesisJames McDermott ⁄ Niall J. L. Griffith ⁄ Michael O'Neill2007
Evolutionary Methods for Melodic Sequences Generation from Non-linear Dynamic SystemsEleonora Bilotta ⁄ Pietro Pantano ⁄ Enrico Cupellini ⁄ Costantino RizzutiChua'S Attractor ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Generative Music2007
Evolving Music Generation with SOM-Fitness Genetic ProgrammingSomnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk ⁄ Edwin Hui Hean Law ⁄ Ho Chin KuanGenetic Programming ⁄ Self-Organising Features Map ⁄ Automatic Music Generation2007
GISMO2: An Application for Agent-Based CompositionYuta Uozumi2007
Interactive GP with Tree Representation of Classical Music PiecesDaichi Ando ⁄ Palle Dahlstedt ⁄ Mats G. Nordahl ⁄ Hitoshi Iba2007
Music Composition Using Harmony Search AlgorithmZong Woo Geem ⁄ Jeong-Yoon Choi2007
Self-organizing Bio-inspired Sound TransformationMarcelo Caetano ⁄ Jônatas Manzolli ⁄ Fernando Von Zuben2007
Toward Greater Artistic Control for Interactive Evolution of Images and AnimationDavid A. Hart2007
A Connectionist Architecture for the Evolution of RhythmsJoão M. Martins ⁄ Eduardo Miranda2006
A Two-Stage Autonomous Evolutionary Music ComposerYaser Khalifa ⁄ Robert Foster2006
Audible Convergence for Optimal Base Melody Extension with Statistical Genre-Specific Interval Distance EvaluationRonald Hochreiter2006
Consensual PaintingsPaulo Urbano2006
Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Networks for Generative and Interactive Musical PerformanceOliver Bown ⁄ Sebastian Lexer2006
Evolutionary Musique ConcrèteCristyn Magnus2006
Layered Genetical Algorithms Evolving into Musical Accompaniment GenerationRibamar Santarosa ⁄ Artemis Moroni ⁄ Jônatas Manzolli2006
Modelling Expressive Performance: A Regression Tree Approach Based on Strongly Typed Genetic ProgrammingAmaury Hazan ⁄ Rafael Ramirez ⁄ Esteban Maestre ⁄ Alfonso Perez ⁄ Antonio Pertusa2006
MovieGene: Evolutionary Video Production Based on Genetic Algorithms and Cinematic PropertiesNuno A. C. Henriques ⁄ Nuno Correia ⁄ Jônatas Manzolli ⁄ Luís Correia ⁄ Teresa Chambel2006
Robot Paintings Evolved Using Simulated RobotsGary Greenfield2006
Science of Networks and Music: A New Approach on Musical Analysis and CreationGianfranco Campolongo ⁄ Stefano Vena2006
Supervised Genetic Search for Parameter Selection in Painterly RenderingJohn Collomosse2006
Synthesising Timbres and Timbre-Changes from Adjectives/AdverbsAlex Gounaropoulos ⁄ Colin Johnson2006
Using Physiological Signals to Evolve ArtTristan Basa ⁄ Christian Anthony Go ⁄ Kil-Sang Yoo ⁄ Won-Hyung Lee2006
Artificial Life, Death and Epidemics in Evolutionary, Generative Electronic ArtAlan Dorin2005
Convergence Synthesis of Dynamic Frequency Modulation Tones Using an Evolution StrategyThomas Mitchell ⁄ Anthony G. Pipe2005
Developing Fitness Functions for Pleasant Music: Zipf's Law and Interactive Evolution SystemsBill Manaris ⁄ Penousal Machado ⁄ Clayton McCauley ⁄ Juan Romero ⁄ Dwight Krehbiel2005
Evolutionary Methods for Ant Colony PaintingsGary Greenfield2005
Evolutionary Search for Musical ParallelismSøren Tjagvad Madsen ⁄ Gerhard Widmer2005
Exploring Rhythmic AutomataAndrew R. Brown2005
Extra-Music(ologic)al Models for Algorithmic CompositionAlice Eldridge2005
Genetic Paint: A Search for Salient PaintingsJohn Collomosse ⁄ P. M. Hall2005
Granular Sampling Using a Pulse-Coupled Network of Spiking NeuronsEduardo Miranda ⁄ John Matthias2005
Growing Music: Musical Interpretations of L-SystemsPeter Worth ⁄ Susan Stepney2005
Open Problems in Evolutionary Music and ArtJon McCormack2005
Playing in the Pheromone Playground: Experiences in Swarm PaintingPaulo Urbano2005
Swarm Tech-Tiles TimTim Blackwell ⁄ Janis Jefferies2005
The Electric Sheep Screen-Saver: A Case Study in Aesthetic EvolutionScott Draves2005
Toward User-Directed Evolution of Sound Synthesis ParametersJames McDermott ⁄ Niall J. L. Griffith ⁄ Michael O'Neill2005
Understanding Expressive Music Performance Using Genetic AlgorithmsRafael Ramirez ⁄ Amaury Hazan2005
Adaptive Critics for Evolutionary ArtistsPenousal Machado ⁄ Juan Romero ⁄ María Luisa Santos ⁄ Amílcar Cardoso ⁄ Bill Manaris2004
Aesthetic Evolution of L-Systems RevisitedJon McCormack2004
Aesthetic Video Filter Evolution in an Interactive Real-Time FrameworkMatthew Lewis2004
Automated Aesthetic Selection of Evolutionary Art by Distance Based Classification of Genomes and Phenomes Using the Universal Similarity MetricNils Svangård ⁄ Peter Nordin2004
Generative Art: Fuzzy Polygon Clipping in Program Generated Line Oriented DrawingsHans E. Dehlinger2004
Improvisational Media Space: Architecture and Strategies for EvolutionPaul Nemirovsky ⁄ Rebecca Luger-Guillaume2004
Swarm GranulatorTim Blackwell ⁄ Michael Young2004
The Virtual Ecosystem as Generative Electronic ArtAlan Dorin2004
Tilings of Sequences of Co-evolved ImagesGary Greenfield2004
ArtiE-Fract: The Artist's ViewpointEvelyne Lutton ⁄ Emmanuel Cayla ⁄ Jonathan Chapuis2003
Evolutionary Music and the Zipf-Mandelbrot Law: Developing Fitness Functions for Pleasant MusicBill Manaris ⁄ Dallas Vaughan ⁄ Christopher Wagner ⁄ Juan Romero ⁄ Robert B. Davis2003
Genetic Algorithms for the Generation of Models with MicropopulationsYago Sáez ⁄ Oscar Sanjuán ⁄ Javier Segovia ⁄ Pedro Isasi2003
Genetic Improvisation Model A Framework for Real-Time Performance EnvironmentsPaul Nemirovsky ⁄ Richard Watson2003
Genophone: Evolving Sounds and Integral Performance Parameter MappingsJames Mandelis2003
MusicBlox: A Real-Time Algorithmic Composition System Incorporating a Distributed Interactive Genetic AlgorithmAndrew Gartland-Jones2003
On the Development of Critics in Evolutionary Computation ArtistsJuan Romero ⁄ Penousal Machado ⁄ Antonino Santos ⁄ Amílcar Cardoso2003
Tabula Rasa: A Case Study in Evolutionary CurationJon Bird ⁄ Joe Faith ⁄ Andy Webster2003
The Emergence of Social Learning in Artificial SocietiesMauro Annunziato ⁄ Piero Pierucci2003
Towards a Prehistory of Evolutionary and Adaptive Computation in MusicColin Johnson2003