A Deep Learning Neural Network for Classifying Good and Bad PhotosStephen Lou Banal ⁄ Vic CiesielskiDeep Learning ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Photography2020
Adapting and Enhancing Evolutionary Art for Casual CreationSimon Colton ⁄ Jon McCormack ⁄ Sebastian Berns ⁄ Elena Petrovskaya ⁄ Michael Cook2020
An Aesthetic-Based Fitness Measure and a Framework for Guidance of Evolutionary Design in ArchitectureManuel Muehlbauer ⁄ Jane Burry ⁄ Andy SongEvolutionary Computation ⁄ Architectural Design ⁄ Grammar Evolution ⁄ Fitness Evaluation2020
Coevolving Artistic Images Using OMNIREPMoshe Sipper ⁄ Jason H. Moore ⁄ Ryan J. UrbanowiczEvolutionary Algorithms ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Cooperative Coevolution ⁄ Interpretation2020
Comparing Fuzzy Rule Based Approaches for Music Genre ClassificationFrederik Heerde ⁄ Igor Vatolkin ⁄ Günter RudolphFuzzy Rule Bases ⁄ Music Genre Recognition ⁄ Semantic Features2020
Controlling Self-organization in Generative Creative SystemsJonathan Young ⁄ Simon ColtonArtificial Chemistry ⁄ Artificial Life ⁄ Generative Creativity ⁄ Unsupervised Learning ⁄ Guided Self-Organization2020
Emerging Technology System EvolutionMatthew LewisEmerging Technologies ⁄ Creative Systems ⁄ Interactive Evolution2020
Emulation GamesAugusto Zubiaga ⁄ Lourdes CillerueloEmulation Game ⁄ Computational Neuroscience ⁄ Epistemogony2020
Fusion of Hilbert-Huang Transform and Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Predominant Musical Instruments RecognitionXiaoquan Li ⁄ Kaiqi Wang ⁄ John Soraghan ⁄ Jinchang RenPredominant Musical Instrument Recognition ⁄ Convolutional Neural Network ⁄ Hilbert-Huang Transform2020
Genetic Reverb: Synthesizing Artificial Reverberant Fields via Genetic AlgorithmsEdward Ly ⁄ Julián VillegasConvolution Reverb ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Impulse Responses ⁄ Room Acoustics ⁄ Signal Processing2020
Objective Evaluation of Tonal Fitness for Chord Progressions Using the Tonal Interval SpaceMaría Navarro-Cáceres ⁄ Marcelo Caetano ⁄ Gilberto BernardesChord Progression ⁄ Hierarchical Tension ⁄ Tonal Interval Space ⁄ Melodic Attraction ⁄ Consonance2020
Portraits of No One: An Interactive InstallationTiago Martins ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Sérgio Rebelo ⁄ João Bicker ⁄ Penousal MachadoInteractive Installation ⁄ Media Art ⁄ Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Computer Vision ⁄ Image Generation ⁄ Computer Graphics2020
Quantum Zentanglement: Combining Picbreeder and Wave Function Collapse to Create Zentangles extregistered Anna Krolikowski ⁄ Sarah Friday ⁄ Alice Quintanilla ⁄ Jacob SchrumZentangle ⁄ Compositional Pattern Producing Networks ⁄ Wave Function Collapse ⁄ Neuroevolution ⁄ Interactive Evolution2020
Sound Cells in Genetic Improvisation: An Evolutionary Model for Improvised MusicSebastian TrumpEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Musical Improvisation ⁄ Computational Analysis2020
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