Evolving Neural Style Transfer BlendsSimon ColtonNeural Style Transfer ⁄ Map-Elites ⁄ Casual Creators2021
Adapting and Enhancing Evolutionary Art for Casual CreationSimon Colton ⁄ Jon McCormack ⁄ Sebastian Berns ⁄ Elena Petrovskaya ⁄ Michael Cook2020
Controlling Self-organization in Generative Creative SystemsJonathan Young ⁄ Simon ColtonArtificial Chemistry ⁄ Artificial Life ⁄ Generative Creativity ⁄ Unsupervised Learning ⁄ Guided Self-Organization2020
Camera Obscurer: Generative Art for Design InspirationDilpreet Singh ⁄ Nina Rajcic ⁄ Simon Colton ⁄ Jon McCormack2019
Evolving a Library of Artistic Scene DescriptorsSimon Colton2012
Ludic Considerations of Tablet-Based Evo-ArtSimon Colton ⁄ Michael Cook ⁄ Azalea Raad2011
Evolving Approximate Image FiltersSimon Colton ⁄ Pedro Torres2009
Automatic Invention of Fitness Functions with Application to Scene GenerationSimon Colton2008