MusIAC: An Extensible Generative Framework for Music Infilling Applications with Multi-level ControlRui Guo ⁄ Ivor Simpson ⁄ Chris Kiefer ⁄ Thor Magnusson ⁄ Dorien HerremansMusic Generation ⁄ Music Transformer ⁄ Music Control ⁄ Controllable Generation ⁄ Music Representation ⁄ Infilling2022
"A Good Algorithm Does Not Steal - It Imitates": The Originality Report as a Means of Measuring When a Music Generation Algorithm Copies Too MuchZongyu Yin ⁄ Federico Reuben ⁄ Susan Stepney ⁄ Tom CollinsMusic Generation ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Originality Evaluation2021
MetaCompose: A Compositional Evolutionary Music Composer ⁜Marco Scirea ⁄ Julian Togelius ⁄ Peter Eklund ⁄ Sebastian RisiEvolutionary Computing ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Music Generation2016
Evolving Indirectly Represented Melodies with Corpus-Based Fitness EvaluationJacek Wolkowicz ⁄ Malcolm Heywood ⁄ Vlado KeseljMusic Generation ⁄ Unigrams ⁄ MIDI ⁄ Generational Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Steady-State Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Automatic Fitness Assignment2009