A Kind of Bio-inspired Learning of mUsic stylERoberto De Prisco ⁄ Delfina Malandrino ⁄ Gianluca Zaccagnino ⁄ Rocco Zaccagnino ⁄ Rosalba Zizza2017
A Swarm Environment for Experimental Performance and ImprovisationFrank Mauceri ⁄ Stephen M. MajercikInteractive Human/Computer Music Improvisation ⁄ Swarm Intelligence2017
Algorithmic Songwriting with ALYSIAMargareta Ackerman ⁄ David LokerAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Songwriting2017
Assessing Augmented Creativity: Putting a Lovelace Machine for Interactive Title Generation Through a Human Creativity TestYasser S. Arenas Rebolledo ⁄ Peter Putten ⁄ Maarten H. Lamers2017
Automated Shape Design by Grammatical EvolutionManuel Muehlbauer ⁄ Jane Burry ⁄ Andy SongShape Generation ⁄ Design ⁄ Genetic Programming2017
Clustering Agents for the Evolution of Autonomous Musical FitnessRóisín Loughran ⁄ Michael O'NeillAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Grammatical Evolution ⁄ Clustering ⁄ Self-Adaptive System ⁄ Autonomous Fitness Function2017
Deep Artificial Composer: A Creative Neural Network Model for Automated Melody GenerationFlorian Colombo ⁄ Alexander Seeholzer ⁄ Wulfram GerstnerAutomated Music Composition ⁄ Deep Neural Networks ⁄ Sequence Learning ⁄ Evaluation of Generative Models2017
Evaluation Rules for Evolutionary Generation of Drum Patterns in Jazz SolosFabian Ostermann ⁄ Igor Vatolkin ⁄ Günter RudolphEvolutionary Music Generation ⁄ Rhythm Generation ⁄ Jazz Solo Accompaniment2017
EvoFashion: Customising Fashion Through EvolutionNuno Lourenço ⁄ Filipe Assunção ⁄ Catarina Maçãs ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Fashion Design ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Product Customisation2017
Evolutionary Image Transition Using Random WalksAneta Neumann ⁄ Bradley Alexander ⁄ Frank Neumann2017
Evolved Aesthetic Analogies to Improve Artistic ExperienceAidan Breen ⁄ Colm O'Riordan ⁄ Jerome SheahanComputational Evolution ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Grammatical Evolution Computational Analogy ⁄ Aesthetic Analogy2017
Evolving Mondrian-Style ArtworksMiri Weiss Cohen ⁄ Leticia Cherchiglia ⁄ Rachel CostaArt-Style Mondrian ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Computer Art2017
Exploring the Exactitudes Portrait Series with Restricted Boltzmann MachinesSam D. Verkoelen ⁄ Maarten H. Lamers ⁄ Peter Putten2017
Fashion Design Aid System with Application of Interactive Genetic AlgorithmsNazanin Alsadat Tabatabaei AnarakiFashion Design ⁄ Interactive Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Artificial Evolution ⁄ Human-Computer Interface2017
Generalisation Performance of Western Instrument Recognition Models in Polyphonic Mixtures with Ethnic SamplesIgor VatolkinMusic Instrument Recognition ⁄ Evolutionary Multi-Objective Feature Selection ⁄ Generalisation Performance of Classification Model2017
Generating Polyphonic Music Using Tied Parallel NetworksDaniel D. Johnson2017
Melody Retrieval and Classification Using Biologically-Inspired TechniquesDimitrios Bountouridis ⁄ Dan Brown ⁄ Hendrik Vincent Koops ⁄ Frans Wiering ⁄ Remco C. Veltkamp2017
Mixed-Initiative Creative Drawing with webIconoscopeAntonios Liapis2017
Niche Constructing Drawing Robots ⁜Jon McCormackDrawing Robots2017
On Symmetry, Aesthetics and Quantifying Symmetrical ComplexityMohammad Majid al-Rifaie ⁄ Anna Ursyn ⁄ Robert Zimmer ⁄ Mohammad Ali Javaheri JavidHuman Aesthetic Perception ⁄ Symmetry and Complexity ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Swarm Intelligence ⁄ Dispersive Flies Optimisation2017
Play it Again: Evolved Audio Effects and Synthesizer ProgrammingBenjamin D. SmithSound Synthesis ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Adaptive Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Audio Effects2017
Predicting Expressive Bow Controls for Violin and ViolaLauren Jane Yu ⁄ Andrea Pohoreckyj DanylukMusical Expression ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Violin ⁄ Viola ⁄ Bow Articulation2017
Towards Polyphony Reconstruction Using Multidimensional Multiple Sequence AlignmentDimitrios Bountouridis ⁄ Frans Wiering ⁄ Dan Brown ⁄ Remco C. Veltkamp2017
Using Autonomous Agents to Improvise Music Compositions in Real-TimePatrick Hutchings ⁄ Jon McCormackMulti-Agent Systems ⁄ Music Composition ⁄ Artificial Neural Networks2017