An Application for Evolutionary Music Composition Using AutoencodersRobert Neil McArthur ⁄ Charles Patrick MartinAlgorithmic Music Composition ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Autoencoder Neural Networks2021
Emojinating: Evolving Emoji BlendsJoão M. Cunha ⁄ Nuno Lourenço ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Pedro Martins ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Emoji ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Visual Blending2019
Stochastic Synthesizer Patch Exploration in EdisynSean LukeSynthesizer Patch Design ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation2019
Tired of Choosing? Just Add Structure and Virtual RealityEdward Easton ⁄ Ulysses Bernardet ⁄ Aniko EkartUser Fatigue ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Virtual Reality2019
EvoFashion: Customising Fashion Through EvolutionNuno Lourenço ⁄ Filipe Assunção ⁄ Catarina Maçãs ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Fashion Design ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Product Customisation2017
Evolving Atomic Aesthetics and DynamicsEdward Davies ⁄ Phillip Tew ⁄ David Glowacki ⁄ Jim Smith ⁄ Thomas MitchellAesthetic Evolution ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Molecular Aesthetics2016
Investigating Aesthetic Features to Model Human Preference in Evolutionary ArtYang Li ⁄ Chang-Jun Hu ⁄ Ming Chen ⁄ Jingyuan HuAesthetic Learning ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Computational Aesthetics2012
iSoundScape: Adaptive Walk on a Fitness SoundscapeReiji Suzuki ⁄ Souichiro Yamaguchi ⁄ Martin L. Cody ⁄ Charles E. Taylor ⁄ Takaya AritaInteractive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Musical Composition ⁄ Fitness Landscape ⁄ Surround Sound ⁄ Birdsong ⁄ Artificial Life2011
Aesthetic Learning in an Interactive Evolutionary Art SystemYang Li ⁄ Chang-Jun HuEvolutionary Art ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Image Complexity ⁄ Fractal Compression2010
Scaffolding for Interactively Evolving Novel Drum Tracks for Existing SongsAmy K. Hoover ⁄ Michael P. Rosario ⁄ Kenneth O. StanleyCompositional Pattern Producing Networks ⁄ Computer-Generated Music ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies2008