"A Good Algorithm Does Not Steal - It Imitates": The Originality Report as a Means of Measuring When a Music Generation Algorithm Copies Too MuchZongyu Yin ⁄ Federico Reuben ⁄ Susan Stepney ⁄ Tom CollinsMusic Generation ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Originality Evaluation2021
"What Is Human?'' A Turing Test for Artistic CreativityAntonio Daniele ⁄ Caroline Di Bernardi Luft ⁄ Nick Bryan-KinnsDrawing ⁄ Embodiment ⁄ Turing Test ⁄ Bias ⁄ Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Computational Creativity ⁄ Interactive Art ⁄ Computational Art2021
A Fusion of Deep and Shallow Learning to Predict Genres Based on Instrument and Timbre FeaturesIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Benedikt Adrian ⁄ Jurij KuzmicInstrument Recognition ⁄ Genre Recognition ⁄ Supervised Music Classification ⁄ Deep and Shallow Learning2021
A Multi-objective Evolutionary Approach to Identify Relevant Audio Features for Music SegmentationIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Marcel Koch ⁄ Meinard MüllerMusic Segmentation ⁄ Evolutionary Multi-Objective Feature Selection2021
A Swarm Grammar-Based Approach to Virtual World GenerationYasin Raies ⁄ Sebastian MammenProcedural Content Generation ⁄ Multi-Agent Systems ⁄ Terrain Generation ⁄ Swarm Intelligence ⁄ Swarm Art2021
Aesthetic Evaluation of Cellular Automata Configurations Using Spatial Complexity and Kolmogorov ComplexityMohammad Ali Javaheri JavidComputational Aesthetics ⁄ Cellular Automata ⁄ Information Theory ⁄ Spatial Complexity ⁄ Kolmogorov Complexity2021
An Application for Evolutionary Music Composition Using AutoencodersRobert Neil McArthur ⁄ Charles Patrick MartinAlgorithmic Music Composition ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Autoencoder Neural Networks2021
Auralization of Three-Dimensional Cellular AutomataYuta Kariyado ⁄ Camilo Arevalo ⁄ Julián VillegasCellular Automata ⁄ Game of Life ⁄ Auralization2021
Axial Generation: A Concretism-Inspired Method for Synthesizing Highly Varied ArtworksEdward Easton ⁄ Aniko Ekárt ⁄ Ulysses BernardetEvolutionary Computation ⁄ 2D and 3D Art Generation ⁄ Concretism2021
Chord Embeddings: Analyzing What They Capture and Their Role for Next Chord Prediction and Artist Attribute PredictionAllison Lahnala ⁄ Gauri Kambhatla ⁄ Jiajun Peng ⁄ Matthew Whitehead ⁄ Gillian Minnehan ⁄ Eric Guldan ⁄ Jonathan K. Kummerfeld ⁄ Anıl Çamcı ⁄ Rada MihalceaChord Embeddings ⁄ Representation Learning ⁄ Musical Artificial Intelligence2021
Co-creative Drawing with One-Shot Generative ModelsSabine Wieluch ⁄ Friedhelm SchwenkerTransformer ⁄ Co-Creative ⁄ One-Shot2021
Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network, via Transfer Learning, for Traditional Scottish Music GenerationFrancesco Marchetti ⁄ Callum Wilson ⁄ Cheyenne Powell ⁄ Edmondo Minisci ⁄ Annalisa RiccardiGenerative Adversarial Network ⁄ Transfer Learning ⁄ Convolutional Neural Network ⁄ Scottish Music2021
Creating a Digital Mirror of Creative PracticeColin JohnsonMusic Composition ⁄ Computational Creativity ⁄ Optimisation ⁄ Creative Practice ⁄ Computer Composition ⁄ Reflective Practice ⁄ Autoethnography ⁄ Research by Design2021
Dissecting Neural Networks Filter Responses for Artistic Style TransferFlorian Uhde ⁄ Sanaz MostaghimArtistic Style Transfer ⁄ Filter Response ⁄ Neural Network2021
Evolving Image Enhancement PipelinesJoão Correia ⁄ Leonardo Vieira ⁄ Nereida Rodriguez-Fernandez ⁄ Juan Romero ⁄ Penousal MachadoImage Enhancement ⁄ Image Processing ⁄ Computer Vision ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Genetic Programming2021
Evolving Neural Style Transfer BlendsSimon ColtonNeural Style Transfer ⁄ Map-Elites ⁄ Casual Creators2021
Exploring the Effect of Sampling Strategy on Movement Generation with Generative Neural NetworksBenedikte Wallace ⁄ Charles P. Martin ⁄ Jim Tørresen ⁄ Kristian NymoenMixture Density Networks ⁄ Movement Generation ⁄ Generative Networks ⁄ Creative Prediction2021
From Music to Image a Computational Creativity ApproachLuís Aleixo ⁄ H. Sofia Pinto ⁄ Nuno CorreiaComputational Creativity ⁄ Music Analysis ⁄ Image Generation ⁄ Cross-Domain Associations ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2021
Genre Recognition from Symbolic Music with CNNsEdmund Dervakos ⁄ Natalia Kotsani ⁄ Giorgos StamouArtificial Intelligence ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Genre Classification2021
Identification of Pure Painting Pigment Using Machine Learning Algorithms ⁜Ailin Chen ⁄ Rui Jesus ⁄ Márcia VilariguesMachine Learning ⁄ Neural Network ⁄ Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Pigment Unmixing ⁄ Pigment Identification ⁄ Painting Reconstruction ⁄ Hyperspectral Imaging ⁄ Visualization ⁄ Restoration2021
Incremental Evolution of Stylized ImagesFlorian UhdeGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Artistic Rendering ⁄ Computational Art2021
Interactive, Efficient and Creative Image Generation Using Compositional Pattern-Producing NetworksErlend Gjesteland Ekern ⁄ Björn GambäckCompositional Pattern-Producing Networks ⁄ Image Generation ⁄ Generative Adversarial Networks2021
Mixed-Initiative Level Design with RL BrushOmar Delarosa ⁄ Hang Dong ⁄ Mindy Ruan ⁄ Ahmed Khalifa ⁄ Julian TogeliusMixed Initiative Tools ⁄ Reinforcement Learning ⁄ Procedural Content Generation2021
Network Bending: Expressive Manipulation of Deep Generative ModelsTerence Broad ⁄ Frederic Fol Leymarie ⁄ Mick GriersonNeural Networks ⁄ Generative Models ⁄ Expressive Manipulation2021
Parameter Tuning for Wavelet-Based Sound Event Detection Using Neural NetworksPallav Raval ⁄ Jabez ChristopherSound Event Detection ⁄ Audio Processing ⁄ Wavelet Transform ⁄ Artificial Neural Network2021
Raga Recognition in Indian Classical Music Using Deep LearningDevansh P. Shah ⁄ Nikhil M. Jagtap ⁄ Prathmesh T. Talekar ⁄ Kiran GawandeRaga Recognition ⁄ Indian Classical Music ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Deep Learning2021
Sculpture Inspired Musical CompositionFrancisco Braga ⁄ H. Sofia PintoComputational Creativity ⁄ Inspiration ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Sculpture ⁄ Musical Composition2021
SerumRNN: Step by Step Audio VST Effect ProgrammingChristopher Mitcheltree ⁄ Hideki KoikeSynthesizer Programming ⁄ Audio Effects ⁄ VST ⁄ Sound Design ⁄ Educational Machine Learning ⁄ Ensemble Modeling ⁄ Recurrent Neural Networks ⁄ Convolutional Neural Networks2021
SyVMO: Synchronous Variable Markov Oracle for Modeling and Predicting Multi-part Musical StructuresNádia Carvalho ⁄ Gilberto BernardesAutomatic Music Generation ⁄ Pattern Analysis ⁄ Variable Markov Oracle ⁄ Context-Dependent ⁄ Variable-Length ⁄ Musical Composition2021
The Enigma of ComplexityJon McCormack ⁄ Camilo Cruz Gambardella ⁄ Andy LomasComplexity ⁄ Aesthetic Measure ⁄ Generative Art ⁄ Generative Design ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Fitness Measure2021
The Simulated Emergence of Chord FunctionYui Uehara ⁄ Satoshi TojoUnsupervised Learning ⁄ Chord Classification ⁄ Hidden Markov Model ⁄ Hidden Semi-Markov Model ⁄ Neural Network2021