Adaptive Interface for Mapping Body Movements to SoundsDimitrije Marković ⁄ Nebojša Malešević2018
Co-evolving Melodies and Harmonization in Evolutionary Music CompositionOlav Olseng ⁄ Björn Gambäck2018
Construction of a Repertoire of Analog Form-Finding Techniques as a Basis for Computational Morphological Exploration in Design and ArchitectureEver Patiño ⁄ Jorge MayaForm-Finding ⁄ Morphogenetic Design ⁄ Bio-Inspiration ⁄ Form Generation ⁄ Generative Design2018
Deep Interactive EvolutionPhilip Bontrager ⁄ Wending Lin ⁄ Julian Togelius ⁄ Sebastian Risi2018
Dynamical Music with Musical Boolean NetworksGeorge Gabriel ⁄ Susan StepneyMusic ⁄ Dynamical Systems ⁄ Boolean Networks ⁄ Computer-Assisted Composition2018
evoExplore: Multiscale Visualization of Evolutionary Histories in Virtual RealityJustin Kelly ⁄ Christian JacobEvolutionary Design ⁄ Multiscale ⁄ Information Visualization ⁄ Game Engine ⁄ Virtual Reality2018
Evotype: Towards the Evolution of Type Stencils ⁜Tiago Martins ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Ernesto Costa ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Computation ⁄ Evolutionary Design ⁄ Automatic Fitness Assignment ⁄ Type Design ⁄ Stencil2018
Expressive Piano Music Playing Using a Kalman FilterAlexandra Bonnici ⁄ Maria Mifsud ⁄ Kenneth P. Camilleri2018
Generating Drum Rhythms Through Data-Driven Conceptual Blending of Features and Genetic AlgorithmsMaximos Kaliakatsos-PapakostasConceptual Blending ⁄ Drum Rhythms ⁄ Genetic Algorithms2018
Generative Solid Modelling Employing Natural Language Understanding and 3D DataMarinos Koutsomichalis ⁄ Björn Gambäck2018
Learning as Performance: Autoencoding and Generating Dance Movements in Real TimeAlexander Berman ⁄ Valencia JamesHuman-Computer Co-Creativity ⁄ Movement Generation ⁄ Real-Time Learning ⁄ Autoencoder2018
Medical Art Therapy of the Future: Building an Interactive Virtual Underwater World in a Children's HospitalLudivine Lechat ⁄ Lieven Menschaert ⁄ Tom De Smedt ⁄ Lucas Nijs ⁄ Monica Dhar ⁄ Koen Norga ⁄ Jaan ToelenProcedural Generation ⁄ Autonomous Agents ⁄ Motion Sensing ⁄ Quality of Life ⁄ Evidence-Based2018
Musical OrganismsAnna Lindemann ⁄ Eric Lindemann2018
Non-photorealistic Rendering with Cartesian Genetic Programming Using Graphics Processing UnitsIllya Bakurov ⁄ Brian RossNon-Photorealistic Rendering ⁄ Cartesian Genetic Programming ⁄ Graphics Processing Units ⁄ Evolutionary Art2018
On Collaborator Selection in Creative Agent Societies: An Evolutionary Art Case StudySimo Linkola ⁄ Otto HantulaComputational Social Creativity ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Collaboration ⁄ Learning From Experience2018
RoboJam: A Musical Mixture Density Network for Collaborative Touchscreen InteractionCharles Patrick Martin ⁄ Jim TorresenArtificial Neural Networks ⁄ Musical Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Mobile Music ⁄ Collaboration ⁄ Intelligent Agents2018
The Light Show: Flashing Fireflies Gathering and Flying over Digital ImagesPaulo Urbano2018
Towards a General Framework for Artistic Style TransferFlorian Uhde ⁄ Sanaz Mostaghim2018
Towards Partially Automatic Search of Edge Bundling ParametersEvgheni Polisciuc ⁄ Filipe Assunção ⁄ Penousal MachadoInformation Visualization ⁄ Edge Bundling ⁄ Graph Representation ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2018
Visual Art Inspired by the Collective Feeding Behavior of Sand-Bubbler CrabsHendrik Richter2018