Genetic Reverb: Synthesizing Artificial Reverberant Fields via Genetic AlgorithmsEdward Ly ⁄ Julián VillegasConvolution Reverb ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Impulse Responses ⁄ Room Acoustics ⁄ Signal Processing2020
Generating Drum Rhythms Through Data-Driven Conceptual Blending of Features and Genetic AlgorithmsMaximos Kaliakatsos-PapakostasConceptual Blending ⁄ Drum Rhythms ⁄ Genetic Algorithms2018
Evolved Aesthetic Analogies to Improve Artistic ExperienceAidan Breen ⁄ Colm O'Riordan ⁄ Jerome SheahanComputational Evolution ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Grammatical Evolution Computational Analogy ⁄ Aesthetic Analogy2017
Towards an Evolutionary Computational Approach to Articulatory Vocal Synthesis with PRAATJared Drayton ⁄ Eduardo MirandaArticulatory Vocal Synthesis ⁄ Vocal Synthesis ⁄ Evolutionary Computing ⁄ Speech ⁄ PRAAT ⁄ Genetic Algorithms2015
Darwinian Pianos: Realtime Composition Based on Competitive Evolutionary ProcessGuido KramannEvolutionary Music ⁄ Minimal Music ⁄ Algorithmic Composition ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Realtime Systems2013
Populations of Populations: Composing with Multiple Evolutionary AlgorithmsArne Eigenfeldt ⁄ Philippe PasquierBiological Inspired Music ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Evolutionary Music2012
Evolution of Architectural Floor PlansRobert W. J. Flack ⁄ Brian RossEvolutionary Design ⁄ Floor Planning ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Multi-Objective Optimisation ⁄ Pareto Ranking ⁄ Ranked Sum2011
Dynamic Musical Orchestration Using Genetic Algorithms and a Spectro-Temporal Description of Musical InstrumentsPhilippe Esling ⁄ Grégoire Carpentier ⁄ Carlos AgonOrchestration ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Gaussian Mixture Models ⁄ Instruments Temporal Evolution ⁄ Instrumental Models2010
Generation of Pop-Rock Chord Sequences Using Genetic Algorithms and Variable Neighborhood SearchLeonardo Lozano ⁄ Andrés L. Medaglia ⁄ Nubia VelascoMusical Harmony ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Variable Neighborhood Search2009
The Evolution of Evolutionary Software: Intelligent Rhythm Generation in Kinetic EngineArne EigenfeldtRhythm Generation ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Recombinance2009