Application of Neural Architecture Search to Instrument Recognition in Polyphonic AudioLeonard Fricke ⁄ Igor Vatolkin ⁄ Fabian OstermannNeural Architecture Search ⁄ Instrument Recognition ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Hyperband Search ⁄ Bayesian Optimization2023
Improving Automatic Music Genre Classification Systems by Using Descriptive Statistical Features of Audio SignalsRavindu Perera ⁄ Manjusri Wickramasinghe ⁄ Lakshman JayaratneMusic Information Retrieval ⁄ Music Genre Identification ⁄ Music Genre Classification ⁄ Descriptive Statistical Features ⁄ Digital Signal Processing2023
Classification of Guitar Effects and Extraction of Their Parameter Settings from Instrument Mixes Using Convolutional Neural NetworksReemt Hinrichs ⁄ Kevin Gerkens ⁄ Jörn OstermannConvolutional Neural Networks ⁄ Guitar Effects ⁄ Parameter Extraction ⁄ Music Information Retrieval2022
Genre Recognition from Symbolic Music with CNNsEdmund Dervakos ⁄ Natalia Kotsani ⁄ Giorgos StamouArtificial Intelligence ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Genre Classification2021
Raga Recognition in Indian Classical Music Using Deep LearningDevansh P. Shah ⁄ Nikhil M. Jagtap ⁄ Prathmesh T. Talekar ⁄ Kiran GawandeRaga Recognition ⁄ Indian Classical Music ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Deep Learning2021