Fashion Style Generation: Evolutionary Search with Gaussian Mixture Models in the Latent SpaceImke Grabe ⁄ Jichen Zhu ⁄ Manex AgirrezabalIntelligent Fashion ⁄ Generative Adversarial Networks ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Gaussian Mixture Model2022
From Music to Image a Computational Creativity ApproachLuís Aleixo ⁄ H. Sofia Pinto ⁄ Nuno CorreiaComputational Creativity ⁄ Music Analysis ⁄ Image Generation ⁄ Cross-Domain Associations ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2021
Incremental Evolution of Stylized ImagesFlorian UhdeGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Artistic Rendering ⁄ Computational Art2021
Sculpture Inspired Musical CompositionFrancisco Braga ⁄ H. Sofia PintoComputational Creativity ⁄ Inspiration ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Sculpture ⁄ Musical Composition2021
Automatic Jazz Melody Composition Through a Learning-Based Genetic AlgorithmYong-Wook Nam ⁄ Yong-Hyuk KimGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Automatic Composing ⁄ Geometric Crossover2019
EvoChef: Show Me What to Cook! Artificial Evolution of Culinary ArtsHajira Jabeen ⁄ Nargis Tahara ⁄ Jens LehmannRecipe ⁄ Evolutionary Algorithms ⁄ Culinary Art ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2019
Towards Partially Automatic Search of Edge Bundling ParametersEvgheni Polisciuc ⁄ Filipe Assunção ⁄ Penousal MachadoInformation Visualization ⁄ Edge Bundling ⁄ Graph Representation ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2018
Evolving Mondrian-Style ArtworksMiri Weiss Cohen ⁄ Leticia Cherchiglia ⁄ Rachel CostaArt-Style Mondrian ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Computer Art2017
MetaCompose: A Compositional Evolutionary Music Composer ⁜Marco Scirea ⁄ Julian Togelius ⁄ Peter Eklund ⁄ Sebastian RisiEvolutionary Computing ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Music Generation2016
Plecto: A Low-Level Interactive Genetic Algorithm for the Evolution of AudioSteffan Ianigro ⁄ Oliver BownNeural Network ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Evolution ⁄ Interaction Design2016
A Novelty Search and Power-Law-Based Genetic Algorithm for Exploring Harmonic Spaces in J.S. Bach ChoralesBill Manaris ⁄ David Johnson ⁄ Yiorgos VassilandonakisNovelty Search ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Markov Model ⁄ Harmony ⁄ Generative Music2014
Evolving Four-Part Harmony Using Genetic AlgorithmsPatrick Donnelly ⁄ John SheppardGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Evolutionary Programming ⁄ Melody ⁄ Harmony ⁄ Rhythm ⁄ Music Composition2011
Evolutionary Methods for Melodic Sequences Generation from Non-linear Dynamic SystemsEleonora Bilotta ⁄ Pietro Pantano ⁄ Enrico Cupellini ⁄ Costantino RizzutiChua'S Attractor ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Generative Music2007