A Computational Environment for the Evolutionary Sound Synthesis of BirdsongsJosé FornariEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Birdsong ⁄ Soundscape2012
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A Platform for Evolving Controllers for Simulated Drawing RobotsGary Greenfield2012
Aesthetic 3D Model Evolution ⁜Steve Bergen ⁄ Brian RossAesthetics ⁄ L-Systems ⁄ 3D Models ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Multi-Objective Evaluation2012
Evolving a Library of Artistic Scene DescriptorsSimon Colton2012
Evolving Pop Art Using Scalable Vector GraphicsHeijer Eelco ⁄ A. E. Eiben2012
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Fitness in Evolutionary Art and Music: What Has Been Used and What Could Be Used?Colin Johnson2012
Fuzzy Rule Based System Ensemble for Music Genre ClassificationFrancisco Fernández ⁄ Francisco Chávez2012
Generative Choreography: Animating in Real-Time Dancing AvatarsRui Filipe Antunes ⁄ Frederic Fol Leymarie2012
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Graph Grammars as a Representation for Interactive Evolutionary 3D DesignJames McDermott2012
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Investigating Aesthetic Features to Model Human Preference in Evolutionary ArtYang Li ⁄ Chang-Jun Hu ⁄ Ming Chen ⁄ Jingyuan HuAesthetic Learning ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Computational Aesthetics2012
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The Traveling PercussionistPhil Lopes ⁄ Paulo UrbanoGenerative Music ⁄ State Space Search ⁄ Optimization ⁄ Sound Morphing2012