Adversarial Evolution and Deep Learning - How Does an Artist Play with Our Visual System?Alan BlairEvolutionary Art ⁄ Ai-Generated Art ⁄ Artist-Critic Coevolution ⁄ Adversarial Training ⁄ Computational Creativity2019
Automatic Jazz Melody Composition Through a Learning-Based Genetic AlgorithmYong-Wook Nam ⁄ Yong-Hyuk KimGenetic Algorithm ⁄ Automatic Composing ⁄ Geometric Crossover2019
Automatically Generating Engaging Presentation Slide DecksThomas Winters ⁄ Kory W. MathewsonComputer-Aided and Computational Creativity ⁄ Generation ⁄ Computational Intelligence for Human Creativity2019
Autonomy, Authenticity, Authorship and Intention in Computer Generated ArtJon McCormack ⁄ Toby Gifford ⁄ Patrick HutchingsAutonomy ⁄ Authenticity ⁄ Computer Art ⁄ Aesthetics ⁄ Authorship2019
Camera Obscurer: Generative Art for Design InspirationDilpreet Singh ⁄ Nina Rajcic ⁄ Simon Colton ⁄ Jon McCormack2019
Comparing Models for Harmony Prediction in an Interactive Audio LooperBenedikte Wallace ⁄ Charles P. MartinRNN ⁄ Deep Learning ⁄ Music Interaction ⁄ Machine Improvisation2019
Deep Learning Concepts for Evolutionary ArtFazle Tanjil ⁄ Brian RossDeep Convolutional Neural Network ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Evolutionary Art2019
Emojinating: Evolving Emoji BlendsJoão M. Cunha ⁄ Nuno Lourenço ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Pedro Martins ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Algorithm ⁄ Emoji ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Visual Blending2019
EvoChef: Show Me What to Cook! Artificial Evolution of Culinary ArtsHajira Jabeen ⁄ Nargis Tahara ⁄ Jens LehmannRecipe ⁄ Evolutionary Algorithms ⁄ Culinary Art ⁄ Genetic Algorithm2019
Evolutionary Games for Audiovisual Works: Exploring the Demographic Prisoner's DilemmaStefano KalonarisEvolutionary Games ⁄ Demographic Prisoner'S Dilemma ⁄ Computational Aesthetics2019
Evolutionary Multi-objective Training Set Selection of Data Instances and Augmentations for Vocal DetectionIgor Vatolkin ⁄ Daniel StollerVocal Detection ⁄ Evolutionary Multi-Objective Training Set Selectio ⁄ Data Augmentation2019
Exploring Transfer Functions in Evolved CTRNNs for Music GenerationSteffan Ianigro ⁄ Oliver BownContinuous Time Recurrent Neural Network ⁄ Novelty Search ⁄ Audio Synthesis ⁄ Generative Music2019
Paintings, Polygons and Plant PropagationMisha Paauw ⁄ Daan BergPaintings ⁄ Polygons ⁄ Plant Propagation Algorithm ⁄ Simulated Annealing ⁄ Stochastic Hillclimbing2019
Stochastic Synthesizer Patch Exploration in EdisynSean LukeSynthesizer Patch Design ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation2019
Swarm-Based Identification of Animation Key Points from 2D-medialness Maps ⁜Prashant Aparajeya ⁄ Frederic Fol Leymarie ⁄ Mohammad Majid al-RifaieLine of Action ⁄ Medialness ⁄ Dispersive Flies Optimisation ⁄ Swarm Intelligence ⁄ Dominant Points ⁄ Animation2019
Tired of Choosing? Just Add Structure and Virtual RealityEdward Easton ⁄ Ulysses Bernardet ⁄ Aniko EkartUser Fatigue ⁄ Interactive Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Virtual Reality2019