Clustering Agents for the Evolution of Autonomous Musical FitnessRóisín Loughran ⁄ Michael O'NeillAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Grammatical Evolution ⁄ Clustering ⁄ Self-Adaptive System ⁄ Autonomous Fitness Function2017
Grammatical Music Composition with Dissimilarity Driven Hill ClimbingRóisín Loughran ⁄ James McDermott ⁄ Michael O'NeillAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Hill-Climbing ⁄ Grammar2016
Evolving an Aircraft Using a Parametric Design SystemJonathan Byrne ⁄ Philip Cardiff ⁄ Anthony Brabazon ⁄ Michael O'Neill2014
A Local Search Interface for Interactive Evolutionary Architectural DesignJonathan Byrne ⁄ Erik Hemberg ⁄ Anthony Brabazon ⁄ Michael O'Neill2012
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Jive: A Generative, Interactive, Virtual, Evolutionary Music SystemJianhua Shao ⁄ James McDermott ⁄ Michael O'Neill ⁄ Anthony BrabazonGenerative Music ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Grammatical Evolution ⁄ Interaction2010
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