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Genre Recognition from Symbolic Music with CNNsEdmund Dervakos ⁄ Natalia Kotsani ⁄ Giorgos StamouArtificial Intelligence ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Music Information Retrieval ⁄ Genre Classification2021
Identification of Pure Painting Pigment Using Machine Learning Algorithms ⁜Ailin Chen ⁄ Rui Jesus ⁄ Márcia VilariguesMachine Learning ⁄ Neural Network ⁄ Artificial Intelligence ⁄ Pigment Unmixing ⁄ Pigment Identification ⁄ Painting Reconstruction ⁄ Hyperspectral Imaging ⁄ Visualization ⁄ Restoration2021
Algorithmic Songwriting with ALYSIAMargareta Ackerman ⁄ David LokerAlgorithmic Composition ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Songwriting2017
Play it Again: Evolved Audio Effects and Synthesizer ProgrammingBenjamin D. SmithSound Synthesis ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Adaptive Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Audio Effects2017
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Reinforcement Learning and the Creative, Automated Music ImproviserBenjamin D. Smith ⁄ Guy E. GarnettComputational Creativity ⁄ Machine Learning ⁄ Music ⁄ Composition ⁄ Reinforcement Learning ⁄ Adaptive Resonance Theory2012