Generating Novel Furniture with Machine LearningNelson Vermeer ⁄ Andrew R. BrownDesign Language ⁄ Graph Network ⁄ Deep Neural Nets ⁄ Generative Design2022
Quality-Diversity for Aesthetic EvolutionJon McCormack ⁄ Camilo Cruz GambardellaQuality Diversity ⁄ Aesthetic Measure ⁄ Generative Art ⁄ Generative Design ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Fitness Measure2022
The Enigma of ComplexityJon McCormack ⁄ Camilo Cruz Gambardella ⁄ Andy LomasComplexity ⁄ Aesthetic Measure ⁄ Generative Art ⁄ Generative Design ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Fitness Measure2021
Construction of a Repertoire of Analog Form-Finding Techniques as a Basis for Computational Morphological Exploration in Design and ArchitectureEver Patiño ⁄ Jorge MayaForm-Finding ⁄ Morphogenetic Design ⁄ Bio-Inspiration ⁄ Form Generation ⁄ Generative Design2018
Evolving Diverse Design Populations Using Fitness Sharing and Random Forest Based Fitness ApproximationKate Reed ⁄ Duncan F. GilliesChair Design ⁄ Generative Design ⁄ Fitness Sharing ⁄ Multimodel Evolutionary Algorithms2015