Evotype: Towards the Evolution of Type Stencils ⁜Tiago Martins ⁄ João Correia ⁄ Ernesto Costa ⁄ Penousal MachadoEvolutionary Computation ⁄ Evolutionary Design ⁄ Automatic Fitness Assignment ⁄ Type Design ⁄ Stencil2018
Niche Constructing Drawing Robots ⁜Jon McCormackDrawing Robots2017
MetaCompose: A Compositional Evolutionary Music Composer ⁜Marco Scirea ⁄ Julian Togelius ⁄ Peter Eklund ⁄ Sebastian RisiEvolutionary Computing ⁄ Genetic Algorithm ⁄ Music Generation2016
Lichtsuchende: Exploring the Emergence of a Cybernetic Society ⁜Dave Murray-Rust ⁄ Rocio Jungenfeld2015
An Interface for Fitness Function Design ⁜Penousal Machado ⁄ Tiago Martins ⁄ Hugo Amaro ⁄ Pedro H. AbreuAnt Paintings ⁄ Fitness Function ⁄ Autonomous Evolutionary Art2014
Aesthetic Measures for Evolutionary Vase Design ⁜Kate Reed2013
Aesthetic 3D Model Evolution ⁜Steve Bergen ⁄ Brian RossAesthetics ⁄ L-Systems ⁄ 3D Models ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Multi-Objective Evaluation2012