Automated Shape Design by Grammatical EvolutionManuel Muehlbauer ⁄ Jane Burry ⁄ Andy SongShape Generation ⁄ Design ⁄ Genetic Programming2017
Evolved Aesthetic Analogies to Improve Artistic ExperienceAidan Breen ⁄ Colm O'Riordan ⁄ Jerome SheahanComputational Evolution ⁄ Genetic Algorithms ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Grammatical Evolution Computational Analogy ⁄ Aesthetic Analogy2017
A Comparison Between Representations for Evolving ImagesAlessandro Re ⁄ Mauro Castelli ⁄ Leonardo VanneschiGenetic Programming ⁄ Image Representation ⁄ Locality2016
Interior Illumination Design Using Genetic ProgrammingKelly Moylan ⁄ Brian RossIllumination ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Radiance ⁄ Many-Objective Optimization2015
Feature Construction Using Genetic Programming for Classification of Images by Aesthetic ValueAndrew Bishop ⁄ Vic Ciesielski ⁄ Karen TristGenetic Programming ⁄ Feature Construction ⁄ Image Aesthetics2014
Aesthetic 3D Model Evolution ⁜Steve Bergen ⁄ Brian RossAesthetics ⁄ L-Systems ⁄ 3D Models ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Multi-Objective Evaluation2012
Genetic Programming for Musical Sound AnalysisRóisín Loughran ⁄ Jacqueline Walker ⁄ Michael O'Neill ⁄ James McDermottMusical Information Retrieval ⁄ Timbre ⁄ Genetic Programming2012
Evolving Textures from High Level Descriptions: Gray with an Accent ColorCraig ReynoldsTexture Synthesis ⁄ Evolutionary Computation ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Design ⁄ Tool2011
Modelling Human Preference in Evolutionary ArtAniko Ekárt ⁄ Divya Sharma ⁄ Stayko ChalakovAesthetic Measure ⁄ Human Preference Modelling ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Interactive vs Automatic Evolution2011
Refinement Techniques for Animated Evolutionary Photomosaics Using Limited Tile CollectionsShahrul Badariah Mat Sah ⁄ Vic Ciesielski ⁄ Daryl D'SouzaNon-Photorealistic Rendering ⁄ Animated Evolved Photomosaic ⁄ Evolved Art ⁄ Genetic Art ⁄ Genetic Programming ⁄ Digital Art2010
Modelling Video Games' Landscapes by Means of Genetic Terrain Programming - A New Approach for Improving Users' ExperienceMiguel Frade ⁄ Francisco Vega ⁄ Carlos CottaTerrain Generation ⁄ Video Games ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Genetic Programming2008
Evolving Music Generation with SOM-Fitness Genetic ProgrammingSomnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk ⁄ Edwin Hui Hean Law ⁄ Ho Chin KuanGenetic Programming ⁄ Self-Organising Features Map ⁄ Automatic Music Generation2007