Non-photorealistic Rendering with Cartesian Genetic Programming Using Graphics Processing UnitsIllya Bakurov ⁄ Brian RossNon-Photorealistic Rendering ⁄ Cartesian Genetic Programming ⁄ Graphics Processing Units ⁄ Evolutionary Art2018
On Collaborator Selection in Creative Agent Societies: An Evolutionary Art Case StudySimo Linkola ⁄ Otto HantulaComputational Social Creativity ⁄ Evolutionary Art ⁄ Collaboration ⁄ Learning From Experience2018
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Aesthetics, Art, EvolutionJon McCormackEvolutionary Art ⁄ Art Theory ⁄ Aesthetics2013
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Finding Image Features Associated with High Aesthetic Value by Machine LearningVic Ciesielski ⁄ Perry Barile ⁄ Karen TristEvolutionary Art ⁄ Genetic Art ⁄ Feature Extraction ⁄ Feature Selection2013
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Curve, Draft, and Style: Three Steps to the ImageOlgierd Unold ⁄ Maciej TrocEvolutionary Art ⁄ Interactive Evolution ⁄ Bezier Curve2007